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This would tell us which of the jobs in the world is the best in terms of nobility, income, fulfillment, scope, availability and other important matters about a job...
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It's the best job in the terms of, if you love to travel, explore, have fun and being yourself, acting and so much more benefits. Some benefits might be if you consider them are: fame, money and most be beautiful.

I'm dreaming to an actor ever since, to be apart of the Walt Disney production at least. I just love disney movies! they are inspire me the most, it's like a dream I want to make reality!

Acting is the best job to have and I think people should take the Stella Adler acting and theatre.

I think that Acting is the best job in the world when I was growing up I want to be an Actress's.


Unless you're from a wealthy enough or supportive family, I'd guess you give it a go. Medical schools and training take around several years long and are expensive, but at least it really pays off.

Being a doctor, it's not just about money, it's about moral and social responsibility of patients. It is about being a part of healing someone's sorrow/wounds/illnesses.

Being a doctor is earning money and helping people and I love earning money and helping people! And I want to be a doctor when I grow up

I"m a pediatrician apprentice. It is really fun working with children and fixing medical problems. This should be first


Unlike any other profession, this job literally revolves around making money. There is no maximum salary, when you advance your career there are no set hours, and your money begins to make money. Richest people in the world make their money through real-estate, stock market, and companies.

I plan to start a computer science business when I grow up!

Should be number 1! There's no Boss orders, no waking up at 6 o'clock...

I aim to became a business girl


My dream is to become a singer-songwriter. I am taking voice lessons! I can even do the whistle register, and I have made it my signature thing.

I have always wanted to Be a singer. My parents don't agree but I don't care. I'll do what I love not what others want

I always wanted to be a rockstar but I can choose it between movie stars

I have been waiting to be a singer!


Teacher is a noble job, he who makes a nation great. Do you know when Japan lost the war, what is said by Emperor Hirohito. "How many teachers are still alive? "

It seems fun for those who enjoy kids or teenagers like me. Also, no need to worry about low pay as long as you get a husband with a good job.

Fulfilling.. Noble... Name it and you'll have it.. It may not give you better compared to others, but still if you say best.. This is just it...

I think that It is most Importan Job It help us Help all country


I'm only 11 but I've always wanted to build spaceships and recently I found out there was a job where I can literally BUILD SPACESHIPS! And yep, it's an engineer! Being an engineer means you can bring anything to life! Weither you're like me and you dream of sending spaceships up to space or you want to fix up some old antique cars you can do just that! I mean you literally have the biggest set of Legos ever and YOU decide what to do with them! What could be better!

Computer, mechatronics, electrical, chemist etc are far better and important than doctors... by the way female doctors are HOES!

Engineering is not just building, engineers solve problems, it's such a big category, and they are most always very well paying. If you like math like me, pursue it.

God bless those who put engineer on this list.One day when I grow up I'd like to be a civil engineer because I want to build things.


Even though a totally non-famous, non-profit-making, amateur child, I have published two books online and can be called an author. I think that being an author is a great job for many people, but not all. People who cannot forget themselves and put themselves into another character cannot be authors. To be an author, you must also have a certain passion for writing. Even though being an author might not always lead you to a millionaire life, it is a job totally beneficial for the heart and soul.

I heard the process of publishing is a pain so unless you're fully immersed in writing then go for it.


My mom is a nurse :D

Nurses can do ANYTHING OUT OF ANY CATEGORY,their the best.In fact ima be a nuro nurse! 😈


These be the one's who keep bad people in jail I salute you.

Porn Star

I don't see how being a porn star could be a BAD thing...

Never heard a porn actor get home and say "Uhg work today was just sooo stressful"

Where's the bad side in it

Just shake your butt and be paid millons

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Why isn't this at the top ten? An architect's job is amazing! You get to design buildings for a living! But in some places, they don't get payed much. Why? Because of the population. The higher the population, the higher salary! This is good for people who live in high-populated cities such as: New York, Toronto, and lots of other high-populated places.
So truly, an architect job is the best ever.

Why is business man at the top? Sure no boss, but, you rely on your sales in order to make money. If I were a businessman I would immediately switch to architect! You get to design buildings for a living! Maybe you might need to have lots of knowledge on electricity and stuff, but still you get a high salary!

I'm a teenager and I REALLY want to become an architect. I've been drawing floor plans of houses since I was thirteen. I heard it's really fun, and it pays very well where I live. The national average is around 76-78k a year, but around my area, it's almost 100k a year.

Better than anything on this list

Office Worker

I salute all farmers and our future farmers

massive respect to the people who are giving us food.


Talk with people and get ambient with drunk people


Only if you are good at art, then it's the best job

Island Caretaker

Having to take care of someone's island and going on adventures sounds like a very fun job like I'm pretending that I have my own Island!

Food Critic

Yes, Thank you for putting this on that list because I'm going to be one when I'm older!

Game Developer

The reason why I'd love to be a game developer is because I always loved making my own universe and worlds, I always loved writing stories and drawing, I would love to be a game designer any day.

Great for people who really love video games. Without this we wouldn't have video games they entertain us. Well not only I want to be that, I also wanna be a video game voice actor, user on dailymotion

Once I programmed a simple game for once and let me tell you, bug fixing can be very tedious at times. So I say, good luck.

Definitely a dream for me, but you must be perfect or risk losing your life on the internet

Movie Critic
Software Developer
Lifestyle Photographer
Taste Master
Rock Star

Awesome! Playing rock concerts is the number 1 dream job!

Data Scientist
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