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1 All of Me

This rank is not at all acceptable... Its Legend's legendary song... Like a brimming river the song is beautifully fluent and deep and touches the soul... Deserves a very very much better position and value

This song is mine and my partner's favorite song, partner had this song play when he and I first meet and it will be play at our wedding / ceremony, thank god that this song is number one on my list and on his as well. and I just want to say this Roland thank you for playing this song and letting us making it our song... love you very much bob

AMAZING SONG! SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! BEST SONG I've heard come out in a LONG time! LOVE IT. it still gives me the goosebumps when I hear it and the radio has yet to ruin it by overplaying it. this is one song that I don't know if the radio can ruin

Amazing song! This song still gives me feels and chills every time I hear this song on the radio.
This song depressing but an amazing song. This is my favorite song of all time I listen to when I'm sad. Does this deserves number one?!? Yes it does,it's the best sad song to listen to when your sad. And I'm happy to see it number one! And it deserves it!

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2 Ordinary People

Simply amazing... the piano is sensational and the way he sings it is even more spectacular

How deep in emotions 'Ordinary People' goes, I'm on a quest to find, I sing when I'm in thought of, in thought of my pursuit

Definitely best john legend song

There should be no question that this is the ultimate john legend song

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3 This Time

Best song I ever heard1!

This is one of the best love songs of all times where did you get that from

My absolute favourite. I love this guy

great song

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4 Used to Love U

The best, it moves me off my sit

The best song ever!

My girl was crieng ay sing with the used to love you
she was so happy like this


5 Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

I'm a gangsta rap lover and this is my sit your ass down somewhere and chill music. I love this song it's my favorite he ever did. #1 I say.

This is, hands down, the best song ever! I never tire of it, like I do with other songs eventually, but I can hear this every day! It's beautiful!

I swear the first time I heard this, I couldn't stop. Its definitely addicting! The best of john legend right here!


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6 I Love, You Love

Please someone explain why this track is not on this list? It's the best of the best. The passion, the sincerity, the lyric and john being legendary at his best! Please find it, listen to it and rank it. Thank you


7 Everybody Knows

This song really touched me... It's well deserving of a place in the top 10.

Am flabergasted great song

8 Stay with You

What a Lyricist, This song deserves to be at least Number 2 on the list, I say People lets vote for this one... JOHN LEGEND IS KING!

I don't understand why this hasn't gotten a lot of votes

Very great song

L love this song too much

9 Let's Get Lifted

This is most beautiful john legend song... the lyriks, the piano everything about it!

I NVR hear a song like dis 1#keep up de good work John..

10 Love Me Now

Awesome! Just loved it! Love it now!

This song give you ALL the feels. John Legend and his perfect voice at its best!

Very beautiful song!

15! no guys it must be in top 3... its just awesome! 😍😍😍😍

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11 You & I (Nobody in the World)

This music video is incredible so heart warming just like the song

It's a beautiful song. just simply beautiful

What a piece! This is excellent

It's a wonderful message to women showing them they are beautiful just as they are ❤️❤️❤️

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12 Green Light

This has to be one of the most catchiest beats I've heard in a while.

Ah, remember this song like it was yesterday

I love this song! - TheFourthWorld

I definelety can forget to put this song in my playlist!
Get happy! Enjoy! Enjoy this everywhere!

13 Heaven
14 P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)

This song makes me feel so warm inside and is one of his most care free songs (hence the title)

This is so underrated! - TheFourthWorld

15 Stereo
16 Save Room

Beautiful song and amazing sample of stormy

17 Again

A true example of the statement, "John Legend him playing piano = pure excellence"! - romiezzo

My favorite song by him

Should be in top 5

18 Like I'm Gonna Lose You

I know that this is a Meghan Trainor song but I added this song because I think that John Legends part was good to.

19 So High

Now this song should be in the top ten! It's another one of his songs with just his vocals and the piano. As the song gets to the climax you get goosebumps from his powerful voice. The lyrics are also really good!

Love it

20 Who Did that to You?

Energetic, fearless, emotional all in one song... I love this

So underrated

21 Who Do We Think We Are

Very Great Tune and Song...

22 Each Day Gets Better
23 Glory

Great song, but why do you prefer every other John Legend song over Made to Love?! I love John Legend, I hate Ariana Grande. U mad?

Deserves to be in the top 5 for sure

Why is this song not in top ten

How is this not in the top ten?

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24 Love You for Life
25 It Don't Have to Change
26 Listen
27 Alright
28 For the First Time
29 If You're Out There
30 Another Again
31 Save the Night

Beautiful Music and Lyrics. Enjoy listening this song.

32 A Million

Best of his songs


33 Coming Home

Beautiful song, definitely one of my favorite song of his

34 Made to Love

I might get a lot of hate for saying this... but I strongly prefer this over All of Me and especially Beauty & the Beast (not just because of the criminally overrated Ariana Grande, but because it's not an original song).

35 Penthouse Floor
36 High Road

He was featured in this good song by Fort Minor that was deserved a lot more credit and spotlight.

37 Refuge (When It's Cold Outside)

Top ten material

38 Waiting for Love

This should be in the top ten

39 The Beginning
40 Dance the Pain Away

It must on top ten.. All time fave.. Uplifts the mood.. Benny Bennassi cool beats.. Vocals awesome...

41 Number One
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1. Ordinary People
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