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21 Each Day Gets Better
22 Glory

Great song, but why do you prefer every other John Legend song over Made to Love?! I love John Legend, I hate Ariana Grande. U mad?

Deserves to be in the top 5 for sure

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23 It Don't Have to Change
24 Listen
25 Love You for Life
26 For the First Time
27 If You're Out There
28 Another Again
29 Save the Night

Beautiful Music and Lyrics. Enjoy listening this song.

30 A Million

Best of his songs

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31 Coming Home

Beautiful song, definitely one of my favorite song of his

32 Like I'm Gonna Lose You

I know that this is a Meghan Trainor song but I added this song because I think that John Legends part was good to.

33 Alright
34 High Road

He was featured in this good song by Fort Minor that was deserved a lot more credit and spotlight.

35 Refuge (When It's Cold Outside)

Top ten material

36 Waiting for Love

This should be in the top ten

37 The Beginning
38 Dance the Pain Away

It must on top ten.. All time fave.. Uplifts the mood.. Benny Bennassi cool beats.. Vocals awesome...

39 Number One
40 Made to Love

I might get a lot of hate for saying this... but I strongly prefer this over All of Me and especially Beauty & the Beast (not just because of the criminally overrated Ariana Grande, but because it's not an original song).

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