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21 How Do You Sleep?

Though not my favorite Lennon song, I think it deserves recognition. I love Paul, but the pure sound of this song is beautiful. It also gives the feeling that Paul is getting his dues. You can almost feel the words sink into Paul's skin.

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22 A Day In the Life

Actualy, this song is a collaboration. John Lennon wrote 2/3 of this song and Paul Mccartney wrote the middle part. (wake up, fall out of bed, drag the comb across my head. )

23 Twist and Shout
24 Nobody Loves You (When You're Down and Out)
25 Help!
26 I Am the Walrus
27 In My Life

His most autobiographical and deep composition hands down.

My favourite song by John Lennon.

28 Cold Turkey
29 Come Together
30 Whatever Gets You Thru' the Night

I can't believe it isn't on the list! The first and only number 1 single of John in USA! It's the most funny, lively, upbeat song of John with Instant Karma!

The most upbeat Lennon song ever; this song is almost 'disco' because of its simplicity and boy does it have a groove! Listen to this song and try not to want to dance. Brilliant.

31 Oh Yoko!

Great song, shows us how much john admired and loved Yoko. The definition of pure oove - Jiorl

32 Happiness Is a Warm Gun
33 Remember
34 Isolation
35 Strawberry Fields Forever
36 Grow Old with Me
37 Well Well Well
38 Bring On the Lucie (Freeda People)
39 Gimme Some Truth
40 Woman Is the Ni***r of the World

This truly speaks the truth. Think about it.

Probobly the best song I've ever heard! The lyrics are so true, the melody are amazing and he dares to speak the truth. This should be in top 5

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