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21 Who Says Who Says

This song is really a nice one... The soft melodious guitar chords with a low heavy voice.. Composed of soft pitches... Evenly distributed.. It's a perfect song.

Very nyc song... Deserves to be higher

Such a beautiful tempo and melody throughtout the entire song not to mention the peaceful voice of John Mayer and it's just so relaxing you get lost in the words of the song as if you are being hypnotized

Simple yet complicated tunes, combined with Mayer's low voice. Superb! Get me stoned every time!

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22 Walt Grace's Submarine Test, 1967 Walt Grace's Submarine Test, 1967

Top 5 material.. Can't be a better way to tell a story in a song.. Great vocals as always by john... Glad that your parents met, JOHN!

Sounds a bit like Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers in the beginning, but of course no one can compare to John! Great song. Makes me happy.

Amazing song, my number one, so grateful for this song, this story

The song has some of the best lyrics in Mayers career so far. My fave tgether with "Gravity", "Age of worry" and "Stop this train".

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23 St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day

WHAT? This should be on the 10 list! This is probably one of the saddest song ever been, oh man what is wrong with you.

Just check out the lyrics and try not to cry

24 XO XO

Wow! The original version is good, but this is amazing! This is the kind of song you would want to listen on repeat for at least 100 times and still would want to hear it again. Just simply out of this world! And have to applaud the lyrics too! Portrays a beautiful story regarding the fact that we don't know how much time we have and asking the person you love to keep loving you till the end and cherish every moment! Just too good!

New song and it will pick up position by time. Sure to come in top 10.

It's so perfect cover from john mayer. love it so much

I love this song since I've heard Mayer's version

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25 Neon Neon

Really good song,... Amazing music, I think the acoustic version of this song is excellent... And I love the guitar riff of this song...

It's top 3 no doubt. EASILY beats wonderland and half of my heart...

This should be in Top 10... I'm surprised they it's this low..

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26 My Stupid Mouth My Stupid Mouth

The best song of John Mayer. It just reflects all of the cause of each arguments out there. Well, no all but some of them. The lyrics are great too. And so is his guitar.

27 Shadow Days Shadow Days

Oh my god
Are you crzy this song should be in top 10. Its so amazing. I cannot feel boared
Come on people lets vote for it

Ohmigaawd! Truly underrated! I hate you for putting this on the 22nd! Gr!

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28 Queen of California Queen of California

What a wonderful song, simple and sophisticated at the same time, a Song truly for the Queen of California

29 War of My Life War of My Life

Got me through a rough part in my life. I think it should be way higher.

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30 Assassin Assassin

This song is far more amazing than most of the songs listed above. I leave it up to you gups hear it and this song will surely climb up the list.

This is probably the first John Mayer song that I have really listened to. Great vibe for a relaxing setting

Only rivals to this song are Gravity, Slow Dancing and Your Body Is A Wonderland and should be in the top 5 among them... One of my all-time favourites.

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31 Who You Love Who You Love

This deserves to be at least in top 10. Such a marvelous song, with aesthetic country aura and his chemistry with Katy Perry, the video was picture perfect

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32 Paper Doll Paper Doll

This one is good.
Its new so dosen't have much popularity but eventually it will rise up the list.
Give it a listen people.

This song got me into john mayer's music!

I don't like him much, but this song is his best in my opinion. - Ananya

I generally do like John Mayer, but this song. - CourtneyM17

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33 All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye

This is the most beautiful song ever! I love this song so much, if you don't know this song, listen to it now! The lyrics are perfect, and I just love everything with it!

That's exactly the way I feel at the moment. All we ever do is say goodbye...

I think this song is so original in it's arrangement. The backing vocals also are exquisite

Great song, makes me relate, maybe that's why

34 3x5 3x5

John himself even proclaims this is his best written song and you can see why when you listen to it!

I can't believe I had to add this one to the list. Y'all are going to be kicking yourselves for having gone so long without hearing this one!

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35 Not Myself Not Myself

So sad to see this master piece at this position. It's the first every song by John Mayer that just hooked me like crazy. I got badly addicted and would play it on loop for hours and hours.

I love this song. Actually, Room for Squares, the entire album is a collection of fantastic tunes that you can listen to for an entire day. It's a must listen to album by John. I relax to the album always.

Yet another great song by john mayer..has a great solo..lyrics are awesome..give it a people

36 I'm Gonna Find Another You I'm Gonna Find Another You

Beautiful song and it definitely deserves at least top 20

Amazing guitar playing. should be in top 15

37 Perfectly Lonely Perfectly Lonely

Great Song come on! For me is the best of Battle Studios Album. The guitar is perfect and the lyrics are great

Awesome overall guitar and lyrics. Funny and catchy. True time and time again (lyrics that is).

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38 Good Love is on the Way Good Love is on the Way

Such a catchy beat, definitely deserves the best hierarchy..

39 Wildfire Wildfire

How the hell is this song so low? Its an amazing song.

Love the nice groove of this song, its definitely in my Top 10

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40 In Repair In Repair

Love this song! All time favorite! Describes me when I'm alone n try to reconcile my situations!

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