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41 Wildfire

How the hell is this song so low? Its an amazing song.

Love the nice groove of this song, its definitely in my Top 10

Such a Fun Song!

I love it!

42 A Face to Call Home

Wish I found someone who sings this song as good as John one day

A Song I would sing for my wife the day I get married

43 Split Screen Sadness

I don't know how this isn't in the top ten. Also In Your Atmosphere should be higher. I love this song. It talks about two people who break up and see other people but on the inside they're actually miserable. Its spilt screen saddness because its hard for both of them. "Two wrongs make it all alright tonight"-this is saying that the two people are spending the night with the wrong people. They actually miss each other but don't know it yet. Vote for this song!

Even though #43 on this chart, this song holds a #2 spot in my heart (behind only "In Your Atmosphere"). In my opinion, this is the John Mayer song with the most lyrical depth. Just an absolutely beautiful and brilliantly-written song.

Hands down one of Mayer's best songs

The bridge in this song is great. - Bman23

44 You're Gonna Live Forever in Me

Touching and beautifully simple

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45 Covered In Rain


Heard it for the first time today. Blown away! I thought I had already listened to all of Mayer's best songs and then Covered in Rain happened

Brilliant vocals, great guitar solo, beautiful lyrics and a terrific song overall

Amazing song. Definitely underrated

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46 Back to You

Back to you
It always comes around
Back to you
I tried to forget you
I tried to stay away
But it's too late - oliver_ray

Back to me,
It always comes around,
Back to me,
Doesn't it scare you? Your will's not as strong as it used to be

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47 Friends, Lovers or Nothing

How is this missing on the top 10? Beautiful song. A *Must* hear.

Simply beautiful song for a broken hearted.

This must be in the top five. Period.

Should be top 5 for sure

48 Comfortable

Every single one of you who says "Your Body Is A Wonderland" is the best John Mayer song (which is a joke) seriously need to drop everything right this very minute and listen to Comfortable. This song is nothing but an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. It captures the simple moments of a happy relationship perfectly. Please, for your own sake, listen to this song.

Those who didn't hear this song please do so to make yourself feel like a loser for callin yourselves john mayer fans and not listening to his best song

Why no one add this song to the list? This song is the best!

I love this song, criminally underrated

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49 Born and Raised

Such a good song doesn't deserve to be this far down the list..

John Mayer's best as a songwriter. He really brings out emotion with this one and sings it with so much soul and emotion.

50 In the Blood

Straight up best song ever

This one is one of the best John Mayer tracks. This albumn requires more than just a one listen. The best John Mayer album is Continuum but believe me after that The Search For Everything is so deep. And this one is the best song. but is underrated - Aayush1602

The best.

51 Wheel

Deserves a much higher rank, one of his best songs. The lyrics and music are just beyond perfect... If you've never heard it I would 100% recommend you do right now (especially the acoustic version)

Listen to the guitar solo. And the lyrics for that matter.

"I believe that my life's gonna see the love I give return to me" amazing song with an amazing solo to match

One of my all-time favourite JM songs. It brings out so many mixed emotions of happiness and sadness in me, but honestly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Definitely deserves a higher rank.

52 Love Is a Verb
53 Dear Marie

Unbelievable! This one deserves much more higher place than least should be up there in top 5.

A song that takes our love for John Mayer to the next level.

Absolutely love dear marie, beautifully reminiscent

The music here is real enough said

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54 Man On the Side

This is simply one of John's best songs, unbelievable guitar brilliance alongside breath taking singing, John Sings his heart out in the live version from " Any Given Thursday"

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55 Do You Know Me

This is the BEST John Mayer song EVER! How can it be number 50 when it's me and my friends favorite song?!

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56 83

Along with "3x5", this song has more spins on my iTunes than "No Such Thing" and is probably the best song on Room For Squares.

57 Another Kind of Green

His best! Interesting structure, nice tempo changes, great guitar playing. And steve rocks.

Great guitar playing arguably his best hendrix-style rhythm guitar he has written

58 Waiting On the Day

Wow! This is my favorite John Mayer song out of all of these songs and it's not top 5?

The guitar part is just awesome!

59 Love on the Weekend
60 Bold as Love

Anyone who calls themselves a John Mayer fan must check out this one. It's a ton of fun.

This is my favorite John Mayer song. 57?! Why?! Anyway John Mayer is awesome. - Anonymousxcxc

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