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61 Come Back to Bed

One of his best guitar solos

Great song, I love it!

The Lyric is cool

62 Bold as Love

Anyone who calls themselves a John Mayer fan must check out this one. It's a ton of fun.

This is my favorite John Mayer song. 57?! Why?! Anyway John Mayer is awesome. - Anonymousxcxc

63 Go Easy On Me
64 Great Indoors
65 Something Like Olivia

Favourite song by John Mayer, beautiful lyrics! Should be so much higher on this list, really is a beautiful song.

This song should be in the top ten not in the bottom ten!

It should be at top 10 best

66 VIctoria

It has great hook please just listen to it will instantly amaze you seriously you wont regret it

67 I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)

How isn't this song on the list? You poeple must be crazy, it tears me up every time I listen to it

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68 New Deep

Great song especially for beginner.

69 Something's Missing

What a great song! John Mayer is so creative with his songs. I think he is the best guitarist in the world.

I couldn't believe that a masterpiece is so underrated!

70 City Love

Nice arrangements! Great great song

#1 new wave blues n no other can fill those shoes! VCs absolutely right oppinion!

71 Home Life
72 The Age of Worry

Its funny, how this is like 76th on this list, when I think it's my favourite by him

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73 Only Heart
74 Love Soon
75 Crossroads
76 I'm On Fire
77 White
78 Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey
79 Badge and Gun

Absolutely Brilliant song, John's brilliance doesn't cease to amaze me and he truly displays he's musical and songwriting talents alongside his diversity in this wonderfully put together master piece!

Wonderful, this album will find its recognition sometime

80 Call Me the Breeze
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