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1 Glasgow Kiss

When I first listen to it I felt a touch of celtic music, epic riff, change in scales and then came the bridge slower part so mesmerising, EPIC... a ballad type where petrucci just keep flowing notes like a wizard, then again the celtic riff comes and your mind is blown...

MAN! Only one word - WOOW! I mean how can one create such good solos over 6 min? I really don't know how does Petrucci get all this from!

How could someone not get euphoric listening to this song?!?
This has to be the best guitar solo of all time... Listen to the last two minutes and you'll know...
And yes... If Petrucci has five fingers each finger has a brain...

One of a man's masterpiece

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2 The Best of Times

100% the absolute BEST guitar solo. I've listened to it hundreds of times and I still get chills. It starts at 9:55 and continues until the end of the song... Brilliant 3 minutes.

Petrucci is basically playing his heart out for Mike's father. He is playing as if this is his own father. Simply beautiful and it is not a waste of the three minutes. He doesn't flaunt nor does he try to be all shredtastic. Instead, it is a perfect blend of some shredding and heart felt emotion throughout the entire solo. I get the chills every time listening to it.

The composition, technicality, and most importantly emotion is second to none in this solo. One of the best by anyone ever.

Petrucci's best and more to come.

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3 Breaking All Illusions

The build up to this solo is what amazes me every time I listen to this song. The parts keep on getting better as one progresses through the solo. If this is not one of the best solos of sir Petrucci, then I don't know what is.

That solo is one of my favorite. So much impression and feelings!
Love Petruccis Mark V *-*

Without a doubt one of the best. With the 2014 Boston Opera House performance making a staggering and emphatic bid for the top seed.

If david gilmour is the most subtil player, john can beat him easly in this solo. The best what I have heared ever. Souch a fealing, I can't express my self. Thank you so much, John. Mark

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4 Lost Not Forgotten

This solo is insane. The tone when the first few notes come in are pure gold. So many different elements make this JP's best guitar solo.

5 Stream of Consciousness

One of the greatest songs I've heard by petrucci.

So many feelings through a single song

6 Enigma Machine
7 Damage Control

Greatest song of sir petrucci

Super technical

8 Constant Motion

Definitely one of the hardest guitar solos to play.

9 Behind the Veil
10 Under a Glass Moon

Simply Petrucci's best solo, Glasgow Kiss is awesome but more as a whole than the solo section.

1. Under a Glass Moon
2. Hollow Years (Live at Budokan)
3. The Spirit Carries On
4. As I Am
5. Octavarium
6. Lost Not Forgotten
7. Home
8. Breaking All Illusions
9. Fatal Tragedy
10. Stream of Consciousness
11. Lie
12. The Best of Times
13. Voices
14. Hell's Kitchen
15. Lines in the Sand
16. Constant Motion
17. Scarred
18. The Glass Prison
19. This Dying Soul
20. Another Day - Derrick_Fox

In it's time this Solo was one of a kind and it was like finding Kryptonite for people hearing it for the first time.

1. Under a Glass Moon
2. Hollow Years (Live at Budokan)
3. The Spirit Carries On
4. As I Am
5. Octavarium (Razor's Edge)
6. Glasgow Kiss
7. Home
8. Lie
9. Breaking All Illusions
10. The Best of Times

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11 Octavarium

AMAZING SOLO! I'm surprised it's not even on this list.. UNTIL NOW

The meaning behind Octavarium just adds to the fact that these guys pour their hearts into the music that they make.The techniques jp uses are perfectly exicuted bdut that comes with playing for over 30 years.

12 The Shattered Fortress

Not only a high skilled and technical solo, which is common place for John Petrucci. By his notes John tells the whole story of the 12-step suite that Portnoy wanted to share. A drunk man, erratic, addicted. The awakening, confront the problem. A more rational man, following the steps in the program. A responsible man, that can help others arise, sober and proud.

Incredibly full of technique, and much more even feeling. This Solo has some anger that make it so different to other Petrucci�'s solos.

Extremely hard to play solo, sounds SO well and is pretty epic, must be in top 10immo

13 Hollow Years (Live at Budokan)

That was an awesome performance by sir john petrucci. The intro and specially after the second verse... That was really cool! I noticed his thoughts of instant and perfect solo. I amaze that he got such a brilliant music sense.

That was a mind blowing performance.

" Petrucci excels across nine minutes, beginning with faux-acoustic flamboyance and later blasting off into epic anthemic rock glory. " - Guitarist Magazine

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14 The Glass Prison
15 Lines In the Sand

This solo is charged with so much emotion... Definitely one of the most beautiful solos ever.

This is probably the best guitar solo EVER composed. I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned already. - camsell123

Is not that long, but definitely the best one

16 As I Am

This is the most epic sounding though it may not be as technical... But to someone who doesn't pay attention to the technicality, this one is the best

Queensrÿche's Mike Stone would have regretted pissing off Mr. Petrucci.

17 Wishfull Thinking

This is one of the best after glasgow kiss. Fast, emotional and classic. Wow.

The most melodic instrumental ever

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18 This Dying Soul

The solo is just intense shredding, that's not what makes a solo exactly good, but it's still a good solo, and I think "As I Am" should be at a higher place than this.

19 A Fortune In Lies
20 The Spirit Carries On

This solo can actually make people cry its played with so much feel.

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