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21 Lie
22 Metropolis
23 Fatal Tragedy
24 Blind Faith

Mixes a lot of technics, big jumps and different type of picking speeds. And not leave behind a lots of style and soul, are two things that aren't easy to accomplish.

25 Voices

Beautiful tone, exquisite emotion, wonderfully tuneful, and perfectly fitting to the song. This is a nearly perfect solo. It's also a fine sampling of Petrucci's prodigious skill without ever sounding excessive or masturbatory. This is my favorite among his solos though it is quite overlooked. I believe it deserves much more recognition.

Beautifully lyrical, masterfully constructed. As concisely restrained as it is explosively brilliant. On of the most melodic solos on Dream Theater's most melodic album and the perfect example of why John Petrucci is a supreme guitarist: not just chops, but thoughtful, sensitive, and emotional.

26 The Count of Tuscany

Epic if I ever saw it

27 A Change of Seasons

Especially the version from Metropolise 2000: Lives Scenes from New York starting around 16:40

28 Hollow Years
29 Lost Without You

In the first couple of minutes, his Jazz influences are best heard.

Mr petrucci never fails to amaze me... One hell of a sexy song

Awesome song,amazing shred from minute 1.12 to 1.49 this song must be given respect starting jazz and the shred is heart touching

30 Take the Time (Live in Tokyo)
31 In the Name of God

How can this solo not be number one? In fact this could be the best of all time.

If You were one of those Dragonforce Guitar Hero people...
Stop Playing and Start Listening

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32 Erotomania

My best solo ever...john petrucci such a god gifted guitarist

33 Home
34 Beyond This Life

I can't even see his fingers

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35 Pull Me Under

One of his shortest but one of his most famous and best.

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36 On the Backs of Angels

Best instrumental part with the piano ever.

Exemplifies his Neo-Classical Side.

37 State of Grace
38 Goodnight Kiss (Live with Orchestra on Score)

Very sounding and emotional

Very good phrasing and articulation.

39 Paradigm Shift V 1 Comment
40 Another Day
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