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1 Saturday Night Fever

Never seen this movie but I love the bee gees and the other songs that are in this movie and when I heard that they where in this film it made me want to watch this film more so I hope it will be on Netflix uk some day - mneilan

His top five best movies for me are:

1. Saturday Night Fever
2. Face/Off
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Get Shorty
5. Grease

Saturday night fever is the best movie feat. Travolta as he was actually 19 years oild when he worked in the film.
The dance is really good too

2 Pulp Fiction

How is this not even in the top ten, this is his best performance, Oscar nominated, I love this movie, - roblist

I'm not a big Travolta fan but he was really good in this movie. - JCHOW

This is so good, it is easily one of the best movies of all time

Duh,this is a no brainer.

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3 Face/Off

You loved John, then you hated him. What a rush this movie gave me.

A really great movie that I have watched many times

Action Blockbuster by John Woo - MatrixGuy

Travolta and Cage's best movie!

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4 Primary Colors
5 Broken Arrow
6 Blow Out
7 Grease

Love love love this movie. Soundtrack!

8 Look Who's Talking
9 Look Who's Talking Now
10 Carrie

The Contenders

11 The Punisher
12 Look Who's Talking Too
13 Get Shorty
14 Hairspray
15 Phenomenon

The last 30 min are really emotional

16 Mad City
17 Bolt
18 A Love Song for Bobby Long
19 Swordfish
20 Urban Cowboy
21 Boy In the Plastic Bubble
22 Wild Hogs
23 The General's Daughter
24 A Civil Action
25 From Paris With Love

Extremely underrated movie. I've seen this one multiple times and Travolta plays the badass agent with attitude and an itchy trigger finger.

26 Michael
27 Savages
28 Domestic Disturbance
29 White Man's Burden
30 Staying Alive

Nowhere near as bad as many have made it out to be. It's just a different film to its predecessor. As a late night movie played loud it's very entertaining, and has that big New York 80's feel to it. You could do a whole lot worse.

31 Be Cool
32 Battlefield Earth
33 Lucky Numbers
34 She's So Lovely
35 Basic
36 Ladder 49
37 Perfect (1985)
38 The Experts
39 Shout (1991)
40 Old Dogs
41 Gotti (2018)
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1. Pulp Fiction
2. Face/Off
3. Broken Arrow
1. Broken Arrow
2. Face/Off
3. Look Who's Talking
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Carrie
3. The Punisher

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