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21 The Sands of Iwo Jima V 1 Comment
22 Rio Grande

Great film. Another John Ford classic job of directing. A top ten. First time for greats together. John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara and Harry Carry Jr. and Ben Johnson and Ken Curtis who sang and was a regular with Sons of the Pioneers who were also in it along with Chill Wills. Yes--A great film.

23 Back to Bataan
24 The High and the Mighty

John Wayne is a highly experienced co-pilot on a flight from Hawaii to San Francisco when and engine fails, loses its propeller and catches fire. His character convinces the pilot not to ditch at sea try to make San Francisco. The first of the disaster flying movies. It boasts an All-Star cast and some beautiful aerial footage of the DC-4 airliner. Again, not you typical John Wayne movie, but proves he can act in a non-western.

My favorite John Wayne movie. It has a great ensemble cast and Wayne plays a great older haunted role

25 Hondo
26 In Harm's Way
27 Angel and the Badman
28 The Fighting Kentuckian

A fantastic representation of the dukes mid-career film stretch, with an excellent mix of comedy and drama.

29 Island In the Sky

Wayne portrays a pilot whose plane is forced down in the artic. His character is unsure of himself as he makes survival calls that impact his crew. Not your typical John Wayne movie, but worth the watch.

30 Fort Apache
31 3 Godfathers
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