Best Johnny Test Episodes

The Top Ten Best Johnny Test Episodes

1 Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Final Battle
2 Johnny Test In 3D

I love this episode (no wait who am I kidding) I love EVERY EPISODE OF THIS SHOW! WOHO!

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Johnny test is a awesome showi been watching it
When it first came out I was just getting
Closer and closer to this show I think this is better
Than anyother show but jessie is kind of better
I think the johnny test makers need to make things more
Better maybe one day you can make a movie out of it
The show is good but a little more upgrades
Mane it could be better than jessie or liv and maddie!
I helping johnny test to get lovers you can be the
Best show ever! In history

3 Johnny the Kid
4 Johnny X (JX1)
5 Johnny Lock Down
6 Johnny X: The Final Ending (JX6-b)

Love it! Absolutely LOVE IT!

7 Johnny X: A New Beginning (JX6-a)
8 101 Johnnies
9 Johnny Get Yer Gum
10 The Return of Johnny X (JX2)

The Contenders

11 Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny

I'm surprised that this episode didn't use that Elton John song. - GehennaTheSecond

I actually thought this one was funny. (Except for the farting) - Popsicles

12 Johnny Alternative

Love it.

13 Here Johnny, Here Boy
14 Bathtime for Johnny
15 Johnny's New Baby Sisters

His sisters are so cute in this episode

Its an interesting concept

I love the diapers

Goo goo Gaa gaa

16 Johnnyland
17 Johnny's Got a Brand New Dad
18 Johnny's Got a... Wart!
19 Johnny's World Record
20 Dark Johnny
21 Johnny vs Dukey
22 Roller Johnny
23 Johnny Test's Day Off
24 Rated J for Johnny
25 Johnny Goes Nuts
26 My Dinner With Johnny
27 Johnny's Pet Day
28 The Dog Days of Johnny
29 Take Your Johnny to Work Day
30 Johnny Applesauce
31 Li'l Johnny
32 Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse
33 Johnny Cakes
34 Johnny Tube
35 The Good, the Bad, and the Johnny
36 Johnny'mon
37 Johnny Long Legs
38 Return of Johnny'mon
39 Porta Johnny
40 Johnny on the Spot
41 Papa Johnny
42 Johnny Susan, Susan Johnny
43 Johnny's Royal Flush
44 Johnny Johnny
45 Johnny Double Coupons
46 Johnny Re-Animated
47 Johnny's Trophy Case
48 My Johnny Guard
49 Johnny Two-Face
50 Fangs a Lot Johnny

I like this episode because the twin were vampires, they were very awesome even though they glittered in the sun like that lame vampire from Twlight, but still They were the reason why I liked this episode!

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