What Do You Look For in a Jokes Site?

We all love them. Some of us look for jokes sites, because we have figured out the trick to being more charming at the next party. Others look for jokes sites because they want to pass time.

Personally, I find the warehouse-type jokes sites unhelpful, and overwhelming. I find myself browsing through joke after joke, each demanding a click through the website's ads, without getting the slightest bit of laugh. By the time I get to the funny joke, I am so tired of reading that it loses its effect.

Other websites tend to use a ranking system, where users get to vote their favourite jokes. While I like this system, I find that time after time, I go to these websites, and see the same results.

This is why my favourite format for jokes is one that is similar to the format this website (thetoptens.com) uses. This is why I vote Stuff You Couldn't Make Up (sycmu.com) the best jokes site on the internet. Their material are always well-selected. You hardly ever find junk there. If it's not funny, it won't make the cut, and it wont' waste your time.