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As a big jokes fan, I've looked around a few sites in my time - and in my humble personal opinion, these ten sites are the best jokes sites out there. They're all relatively clean and relatively inoffensive - but still relatively funny.

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21 boasts some hilarious jokes... Plus there's also a Joke of the Day feature, and a mailing list.

22 9GAG

Pictures with funny phrases on them! It has no ads and its very easy to navigate

23 The Onion

Large collection of the best jokes rated by viewers. The funniest jokes only!

Quite good and funny jokes. Sometimetimes I laughted really long time :D

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25 Clean Joke is a clean jokes site which has some rather funny material.


Thousands of jokes, archived by category, in an easy to navigate web site that you'll definitely be returning to.

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27 BoringJokes

BoringJokes is a place to get involved in wacky funny debates, swap funny jokes, humor, satire, stories, videos & pictures and engage in addictive but funny online browser games. - colinlyngatehall

28 Jester Jokes

Very funny, extremely easy to navigate, I send jokes to my friends every day through this website

I love the Jester Cat! This is a very funny website with many jokes about to cats. Their main character is a royal cat which is both funny and classy.

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29 FreeTimeJokes

More than 18,000 jokes

The best!

30 Jokes4us

Best Hindi jokes site. All new funny jokes in Hindi. - nsp

Very funny jokes in hindi.

Very funny jokes for kids.

Very good.

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Good - nsp88


33 S****

Clean user friendly site, with a lot of great jokes and an easy Way to share your own jokes

Awesome you got to check this out

Great site, with a lot of diversity in jokes.. from light hearted puns to dark humor

34 Funnyjokesfactory

Hilarious Jokes, Funny Pictures and Videos that will keep you laughing all day long.

36 Yo Mama Jokes Galore

I just read this website, and the jokes are HILARIOUS! If you know you're gona be in a Yo Mama fight soon, you should definitely use these! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

37 Indianjokes

This website is rarely much funny, we can found more jokes on more languages, there are use funny joke images too. So I think it add on this list.

38 Http://

Just funny one-liners rated and sorted to 30 topics.

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