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A really well organized list of jokes, plus they've got a hilarious instagram account

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A wonderful site full of happy Easter jokes!

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43 LaffGaff

Loads of funny jokes and one liners, with new jokes posted every day. Lots of other funny stuff, comedy quotes and more.

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Funny jokes. A lot of Chuck Norris jokes, but lots of other stuff as well. Also has good selection of riddles and jokes and the option to see random jokes.

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45 Jokebox

A personalized jokes engine

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46 Uncyclopedia Visit Website

I like this site because it offers users the ability to make money by selling ad impressions. And the funnier you are the more money you will make. It's just a great site. - FarrisFahad

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49 thefunnyplanet
50 Patialajokes

Patialajokes provides a huge collection of best jokes, funny jokes, Hindi jokes, whatsapp statuses, love quotes, funny images and much more.

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