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21 Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier

You am no real super sand

You am no real super sand... Aahh

Don't get it���"

22 Why can't the comedian tell a dirty laundry joke? It always comes out clean!
23 I know why the lights went out. Because they liked each other.
24 The only thing school is teaching me is texting without looking, hehehe

Yeah, teachers refer to daydreaming kids as "Physically present but mentally absent! " - Animefan12

And sleeping with my eyes open haha.

GG whoever did this. They have a sense of humor lol. All the other jokes some random junk they found in a joke book. This persons funny and you can tell

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25 Why did the chicken cross the road? You didn't cook it.

Ha ha! This is nice! - Animefan12


26 Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To get to the other side.

Why did the blonde get to the other side? Because she crossed the road. Yeah...

No matter how many times I hear that joke I still do not get it

Well, it's just the classic, isn't it?

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27 My papa got stung from a bee and the bee said 'buzz kill' and my father thought he'd die from that bee sting.
28 Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! To get away from the cook! To prove he's no chicken!
29 Why do maids have butts? Because they had lumbar lordosis just because their servant was Lumb R. Lordosis!
30 Yo mama so stupid she she stuck a battery up her butt and said I got the power

My favourite yo mama joke. - DunnaNunnaBatman

31 What do you call a baby with no arms, no legs and floating in the ocean? Answer: F****d!

Now this is funny. Was laughing until my face turned purple, then carried on laughing! It's cruel, but hilarious too!

I cried mysef to sleep when I read this joke. Absolutely hilarious. Some other jokes on this list are pretty good as well but this one is the best of the lot of them. Laugh out loud

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32 Why was the broom late? It overswept!
33 I know Victoria's secret and it ain't pretty.
34 Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9!
35 What do keemstar and an onion have in common? They both make old men cry.
36 Yo mama so fat she has her own website
37 How many babies does it take to make a wall red? Depends on how hard you throw 'em!

My classmates use this joke. So nice! - Animefan12

38 She wants the direct.
39 Q. Why did the woman cross the road? A. Who cares, what was she doing out of the kitchen?

I hope you get hodgkins lymphoma

Who brought you into this world? A woman.

40 What's 9+10? uh 21

That is old, but is my favorite joke

This is my favorite joke 9+10=21.

No it is 23 because the plus is 2 1s and so is the equal sign

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1. Why did the chicken cross the road? You didn't cook it.
2. My papa got stung from a bee and the bee said 'buzz kill' and my father thought he'd die from that bee sting.
3. She wants the direct.
1. What is the biggest crime in the sea? Grand Theft Otter.
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