Top Ten Best Jonas Brothers Songs

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41 Don't Speak
42 Your Biggest Fan

Well, this song is so amazing! It makes me blush

43 Much Better

Has anyone even heard this song? Their best by far!

Are you kidding me? This is by far the best JoBros song ever! Have you guys never heard it? The best lyrics, melody, and overall the best! Should be way up higher on this list!

44 7:05

Classic Jonas song from their first album. Nick sounds so cute here

45 Take a Breath

Guys this song is perfect though… the chorus and middle 8 are angelic!

46 Neon
47 Tell Me Why

This song is awesome I love the lyrcis and the music and every thing I give this song 10/10 it's great you must lisent to it

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48 We Got the Party
49 What I Go to School For

45... How can this be... Every school kid would love this... Please vote guys... Awesome song

50 Fall

This song just makes you fall in love with them "I'm not afraid to fall if you are the one who catches me tell me that you'll be there when I'm about to lose it all"

51 Still In Love With You
52 Love Is On Its Way

"So, hold on another day
Cause love is on it's way
You'll find it's gonna be okay
Cause love is on it's way"

53 Before the Storm

Really an amazing song! Miley and Nick are in their best in the vocals. Surely it must be in top.. Go Miley! Go Nick! You both rock...

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54 Keep It Real
55 Love Sick

I love that song and jonas brothers.

Amazing song love listen to it all the time the most amazing song eve jsuhxbhbnkznkj

56 We Rock
57 Kids of the Future
58 Hey Baby
59 Invisible

This is from Jonas L.A.! Its such an amazing song and the lyrics are just completely beautiful! Can't believe this is so low on the list! It should be at least in the top 10! Listen to it and you'll understand why!

This song just honestly makes me want to cry every time. It's so beautiful and reminds me how much the Jonas Brothers meant to me, and that they'll always have a place in my heart.

60 What Did I Do to Your Heart

I never knew they can sing country so good before I heard this. It so good

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