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21 Un Alma Mas

I love all of josh's songs I especially love this one because I'm Italian

I love every song Josh: D Now maybe this is my favorite... Very well with the soft voice of his. I really really love this song

22 She's Out of My Life
23 Somewhere

He's just... I'm so glad they chose this song it's undeniably the very best...

24 You're Still You

One of the best love songs I ever heard.

Amazing song, perfect for his voice

A great melody and words to match...wonderful..romantic and inspirational

25 Brave

Beautiful, uplifting song with great lyrics, a good beat, and terrific orchestration. And of course incredible vocals.

This song is beautiful from the beginning because it let to listen the classic sound as violin and other modern sounds, the lyrics is perfect inspires you to fight and see life from another point

This song always helps me get calm when I'm frustrated. In my opinion, this is the best song.

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26 O Holy Night

I am a Hindu by religion but ever since I've listened to this song a strong love for Jesus Christ and Christmas has emerged within me :-)

The best rendition ever!

The best ever!

27 Now or Never
28 Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)

So beautiful, what else can be said.

29 Gira Con Me

Absolutely beautiful.

One of my personal favorites. Along with si volvieras a mi it's the best Italian song he sang

30 All I Know of Love

Love this song, he and barbra are truly the very best

So good... Hit wrong touch button. Should be No. One

31 Mi Morena

I've played the utube video of this performance many times. It never fails to remind me of dancing alone to music that touched me. It may have been fifty years ago, but Josh's voice brings those memories back. It's this ability to so move his audience that makes him such a wonderful artist.

Love the sound of the guitar. it calms me somehow

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32 Bridge Over Troubled Water

I probably have listened to this song fifty times one night I listened over and over for four hours it's the highlight of my day to get in my bed at night put my headphones on and just savor his voice

33 Imagine

Imagine is the best song he has sung.

34 Beautiful In My Eyes
35 L'Ultima Notte
36 Feels Like Home
37 Your Hideaway

My favorite song of his. Amazing lyrics, his most impressive vocals (as far as I know), and a beautiful accompaniment.

Outstanding! As all his music

This is my faborite of all his songs. The lyrics are amazing, his singing is the best and most challenging of any of his songs (in my opinion), and the melody/accompaniment is gorgeous.

38 "The Prayer"

The whole album Is my favorite. when I hear the prayer I thought I was so beautiful. It's also for 3 close family members who have passed away since then.

39 When You Say You Love Me

This is my favorite Groban song of all time. Try looking into your significant others eyes while this song is playing in the back round and you both will melt!

Thus is one of the most beautiful romantic and/or wedding song!
The very first time I heard this my heart skipped a beat.

40 False Alarms
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