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21 Insight

All time favorite. Beautiful.

22 No Love Lost

I really like 'no love lost' by joy division because of the intro.. It's very hypnotizing... What a magnificent song!

Fantastic. Especially the one on Ideal For Living with the spacey build-up.

One of the best... top ten certainly

23 Failures
24 Candidate
25 Ice Age
26 In a Lonely Place

This rare gem was one of, if not the last song Joy Division ever recorded, 4 days before Ian's tragic suicide. The snare drumming and deep bass synth instantly set the mood of hopelessness and indeed, loneliness of this track. Ian's lyrics are rather chilling, as they describe how he will soon be. "The hangman looks round as he waits, cord stretches tight then it breaks" His tortured voice uttering this line brings me shivers every time. The track also includes the use of a melodica, an instument Ian had previously utilised on the track "Decades", which also used a similar synth sound to this track. Finally, Bernard's guitar section brings the last two minutes of the track to a dramatic close, as the synth begins to distort and the drumming breaks down towards the last 30 seconds. Truly an overlooked masterpiece.

Both versions. The original is incredible, a unique blend of Joy Division classic atmospheric sound with western movie's harmonica features, something never heard from, never made by and even never approached by any other bands on the earth. Then the New Order remastering in Anton Corbijn's Control motion picture is a true rebirth for this song, at the same time powerful, modern, deep and insightful. Definitely a can't miss. - n00w

Not only the most depressive song by Joy Division, but perhaps even the most depressive song ever written. The poor quality of rehearsal recording only adds to the gloomy atmosphere of the song. Along with "Decades" my favourite song.

This is not only my favorite Joy Division song ever, but my favorite song of all time. This song is Ian's suicide note.

27 Autosuggestion

This song is Ian saying the "live life to it's fullest" propoganda given out by society so you
Go out and use its facilities instead of saying safely indoors.

28 I Remember Nothing
29 Something Must Break
30 Colony
31 Passover
32 Interzone

Full of powerful rusty chords and great duo of Peter Hook and Ian Curtis vocals

33 These Days

Classic post-punk hymn where you already guess the roots of New Order later works. It's also one of the most accessible to the ears of the general public. - n00w

34 Sound of Music
35 Walked In Line

Delivers a harsh, militaristic vibe, definitely one of my favourites.

36 Novelty
37 The Only Mistake
38 Glass
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