Top 10 Best Junk Foods

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41 Cheesecake

Honestly, every kid I know loves cheesecake

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42 Nutella V 2 Comments
43 Fun Dip

Love it

44 Lays V 2 Comments
45 Pancakes

I say these are healthy because they are so good

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46 Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is the best, it makes you feel good when you can't feel happy

47 Smart Beans
48 Ramen

Ramen is not a junk food. It is a Japanese delight!

Depends on what type of ramen we're talking about. If it's the cheap Maruchan or Top Ramen stuff, then yeah, it's junk food.

49 Smarties Smarties Smarties are a colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery. They have been manufactured since 1937.
50 Surprise Jelly V 1 Comment
51 Berry Bites
52 Cheetos
53 Mac and Cheese

Good mac and cheese is good. Kraft is yucky.

I was raised on this stuff its AWESOME

I love Mac n Cheese, it's bae

I agree with the person who said Kraft is gross. The only good mac n cheese is homemade.

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54 Brownies
55 Sugar V 1 Comment
56 Hot Pockets Hot Pockets

Hot pockets are amazing

57 Snow Balls V 1 Comment
58 Speckled Eggs
59 Momos

It's too good. I can eat it everyday.

60 Churros V 1 Comment
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