Top 10 Best Junk Foods

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61 Takis

It's sad that probably nobody knows what Takis are in my school, they're so delicious! - Turkeyasylum

The hot ones are awesome.

They are so delicious!

These are so good my favorite chips! its true nobody knows what takes are

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62 Hershey's Kisses
63 Corn Dog
64 Chicken Biryani

It's the best food ever! Would make any occasion special!


65 Graham Crackers

I wouldn't call them junk food, I'd call them snacks

Okay, so it's definitely not the most indulgent junk food and it's probably not many people's favorite, but something about them is just? so good?

66 Haribo
67 Tizer
68 Cupcakes

CUP CAKES are so good. They come in so many flavours, shapes and they are just AWESOME. My BAE Phoebe craves them. We all do. Phoebe and me adore them!

The cake itself as well as its creamy yummy frosting can gain you pounds!

These are good if my mom or stepmom makes them

Phoebe and I

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69 Pickle

You know it can kill you, right

Wow...Good Taste!...why because... I'm an Indian!

70 Nutty Bars


71 Diamante Negro

It is a delicious

72 Kurkure
73 Jaffa Cakes
74 Instant Noodles

I love instant noodles, I know they're unhealthy but still - MLPFan

75 Instant Lunch

Easy fast good tasting cup of noodles

76 Kinder Surprise

I love these all-year-round Easter eggs with awesome surprise toys like toy race cars that move when you tap them, toy surfers on a surfboard that you can launch from a toy beach hut, glow in the dark toy monsters, puzzles of animals and groovy tabletop spinners. These not-so-Easter eggs have wonderful chocalate.

I wish I could eat one, but the US made them illegal. Such a bullcrap rule. - Turkeyasylum

These are amazing I have one in my luch each dau mmm... eating one right now

77 Popsicles

They are good. when it's hot out. There are even better

78 Crispy Crunchies

Crunch munch it's a good lunch

79 Sugar-Coated Haws

I love eating Sugar-coasted haws, but they will make us have a bad teeth

80 Nougat

Yes its nougat but the being me... YUM

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