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1 Moments - One Direction

Perfect song. It's sad though.!

This is such a sad, touching and truly heartful song, not to mention the boys' fabulous & amazing voices. I applaud One Direction and give them so much respect for singing this song, and Ed Sheeran for writing it. Bravo

I love this song so much because it's sad and it's very touchy to my heart when I listen to this song. Also, I love their voices and their personality.

On my list of "Top 10 Greatest Songs from Bands We Don't Like", Moments would be in the top 5s! It's about time 1D actually makes a touching, sad and heartfelt song!

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2 Live While We're Young - One Direction

This song should totally be first! They look and sound so natural!

Best one direction song and I love them better then Justin so it's the best

This song is so awesome 1D forever!

This song is just awesome. It's so full of life and fun and... Don't know what to say. And they sing si naturally. Love you 1d

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3 As Long as You Love Me - Justin Bieber

The best jb song by far

Love all your songs

The best song ever


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4 Best Song Ever - One Direction

Awesome song by one direction they all are great but I like harry and zayn - romaan

It's the best song love it

One direction named this song on opposite day.

To bad it's a ripoff of "Baba O'Riley"
I mean it's pretty obvious. - Fintan

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5 Kiss You - One Direction

Number twelve? What's going on, people? Number one is where this song truly belongs - the boys' voices are at their peak.
And seriously, this songs needs to be higher for more reasons than I could ever explain.

I don't know what is going thro peoples minds when they don't pick this song. #4 is no place for this good of a song.

Haha Justin has 2 songs in the list should be 0 songs 2 him in this list he does not a singer

This is a good song! - funnyuser

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6 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

Very lovely song...
Love to listen it again and again...
It is sung very beautifully...
Such an evergreen song!

This song have very special place in my hearth, I never get bored and always relaxes me, really loves her and that song, One Direction enchanted me.

Really close to every girl's heart. Makes her feel special. Also it is sung very beautifully. But I wish Niall had a solo in this one too!

Its awwwsm

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7 Turn to You - Justin Bieber

This defiantly deserves to be number one it is so sad and JB has a better voice than one direction no offense 1d or there fans. Too bad this song wasn't on his album this song deserves to be number one. This is a really sweet song and I don't think it deserves to be number two it has to be number one

This is perfect he wrote it to his mom why not 1st?

This song is the best. He wrote it for his mom. Why isn't it number 1? And Moments by 1D is the first? What? (no offense)

1D is 1 of the best what u talk bout

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8 C'mon, C'mon - One Direction

Yep I love it. Wish one d would dance with me...

9 Tell Me a Lie - One Direction

Agree with the person above me. Zayn's part is really good. I didn't really have a favorite singer before then... Was leaning a bit towards Harry, but this song. The lyrics are catchy and Zayn sang it perfectly.

Zayn's part is just amazing. I love it!

I don't like this song but every should vote for story of my life if it were on here

I personally prefer the beatles but this is actually a pretty good song

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10 All Around the World - Justin Bieber

Jb is best in pop... Prince of pop...1D is worst...

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11 Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

One of his best songs
I always hear it when I'm sad

This song gave me made me believe that there is a day for all when all their dreams come true... Like justin

This song is stupid. The song is about never saying never, although Justin Beaver says never numerous times in this song.

Great one

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12 Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber

This song is what I call Good Music...

Good music? Listen to Master Of Puppets (a Metallica song) and tell me which is better. - RiverClanRocks

This song is seriously very good should have been number one if it was only Justin bieber. But one d is better. Actually can't choose

Nicki minaj and JB are mindless!

I like Justin 10 percent better than 1D and this song 3 percent better than 1d songs

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13 All Bad - Justin Bieber

This song title describes all of Justin Beaver's music in a nutshell.

I don't even have words for this song to show how much I love it

All Bad isn't THE best, but it's one of the best! I love you Justin and I'll never stop Beliebing!

14 One Thing - One Direction

Just the best song EVAAH

One direction Got that one thing.
Its a really good song.

One direction is the best

Can't keep myself from again and again listening to the song. One thing is just mind blowing.

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15 Little Things - One Direction

I love one direction! And little things is sweet

I love to hear this song again and again. this song touchs my heart

I love this song as well as one direction

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16 Baby - Justin Bieber

How to make Justin Beaver cake (Baby edition). 1. Add 3 pounds of cow manure. 2. Add 1 spoonful of butter 3. Add 3 more pounds of cow manure 4. Add 500 milligrams of poison and carbon monoxide. 5. Add at least six rotten eggs, for full effect, add at least ten dozens of rotten eggs. 6. Add three gallons of spoiled milk and expired red bull. 7. Add one milligram of tree sap 8. Add five ounces of moldy cheese 9. Stir for ten minutes or until completely mixed. 10. Bake at a temperature of negative ten degrees. 11. Enjoy your cake! The delicious taste you get in your mouth from eating this is exactly how enjoyable this song is when you listen to it with your ears.

This song is so cheesy and annoying. 1D has much more heartfelt songs. I love niall, hate Justin.

This has got to be one of THE most hated songs in music history! And that's a good thing! - RiverClanRocks

I love Justin's all songs..but I love Justin's song baby most...

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17 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

I absolutely love the "bluesy" version of this song. Also it's freakishly addictive. He's a little bit matured in this song, when he raps. This is the best song go ahead and judge me

Love it and that swag baby

I love 1D and Justin Bieber and I love this song it's so catchy


18 Be Alright - Justin Bieber
19 More Than This - One Direction

This is a beautiful song and Justin Bieber is a prick who spits on his fans. enough said.

First these song is the most england song I've ever heard when they go to the street they got more popular then they were before and the most popular person is zayn malik when he take a picture with a mozlim girl that was amazing

It's sad and wonderful one direction

Favorite one everr

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20 They Don't Know About Us - One Direction

I love this song. I'll never get tired of listening to it. Have a great dislike for Justin Bieber though.

Better than ANY Bieber song. I will honestly never get tired of listening to this song, it is so powerful and meaningful

One direction work at it Justin posted a video on YouTube and got famous Liam had to work at it the most he was taken off came back on

Yeah they don't know about us... How much we love you... - soni-1D

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