Down to Earth


THIS SONG IS ABOUT HIS Parents and his girl friend and this song is just amazing and its superb I loved it
I think everyone should listen it once.

This song is SO GOOD, also really emotional because he is talking about his parents' divorce. It's really catchy and his voice sounds amazing in it. It should be higher on the list!

This is my favorite song from justin, I really love it, he expresses everything in this song really inspiring and his voice is really good I simply love down to earth.

Its Just Amazing, words struggle to Describe it. I love most Of Justin Bieber's songs but this is definitely my favourite! Justin Bieber and love this song...

Very unique song, much different than his other songs. This and "Pray" are my two favorite songs by Justin Bieber.

My opinion: I love this music because I think its very emotional, because he wrote this song to his parents, wh

this is one of the last sonqs I have learned by justin bieber but I like it alot.

at first, I am no big fan of JB but when you hear this, you gotta love this. this song is so cool

This is a really amazing song. It should be in the top ten

"You tell me this is for the best so tell me why am I in tears? A world so far away and now I just need you here".

These are my favorite lyrics.. It means so much to me..
I love Justin since day one, and I'll never stop.

This song is about two beautiful hearts...its amazing

Wow I like all songs of Justin Bieber he is my favorite, he is so cool this song shows how much he loves his parents I cried hearing to this song I love Justin biber because I know he loves his fans. I am proud to be a beliber.