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21 What Do You Mean?

I am proud to be Justin Bieber hater but this song is awesome and make me dance. I like the music and its catchy. I hate the music video but I like this song.

Love it so much should be number one

Awesome beat with awesome vocals of Justin! Love it!

This is my favourite justin viver song

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22 Sorry

This is the song that even turned hardcore Bieber Haters to fans

I never liked justin bieber, all his songs sounded immature to me until this song. I think it deserves to be in top ten if not number one.

I think it's the best creation of Justin... Best song by him

It was the most viewed Justin Beiber song.

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23 Down to Earth

Its Just Amazing, words struggle to Describe it. I love most Of Justin Bieber's songs but this is definitely my favourite! Justin Bieber

I love this song and justin bieber too. and I love this song because its so sad and I like sad song not only.

In this song he talks about his parents and his girlfriend - ariluvsjb

This song is about two beautiful hearts...its amazing

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24 Thought of You

This shows that he loves everything about me it shows that he love even Just the thought of you so just thinking about you makes him smile and happy and love you and that when you think of him you smile and he makes you happy and that you are in love with the thought of him

This is very different! It makes me always happy and the song lyrics is awesome because all will understand him and his message!

It is brilliant I think it should be in the top 12 because it has a good beAt

One of the best songs from Believe

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25 Confident

How is this ranked as 72! 111 seriously! I expected it to be among the top twenty in the very least! BELIEBERS if you really like Justin please vote for this song from his journals album! 1 it's amazing! Plus the music video!

Best song I ever heard

Come on guys this should be in the top ten! Love the beat and everything about it. It shows his mature side and the lyrics are great "nasty but she fancy, Mona Lisa masterpiece" laugh out loud
Come on, be confident and vote for it. Swag.

Ya'll can't deny's a banger.

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26 U Smile

This song is about the girl he likes. Her smile He is so memerized by her smile. - ariluvsjb

This is my second most favorite song of all time next to Human Nature by Michael Jackson - arvincejames

How is this not in the top ten? This song is amazing!

The literally sounds like a girl in this song. More feminine than in Baby. - Powerfulgirl10

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27 That Should Be Me

I thought That Should Be Me would be on top 5 or at least top 10 cause this song is so amazing! I really love it! One of best song of JB I think

omg I can't stop singing this song I have on my phone and in my head I love this song and justin bieber

He is talking about a girl his girlfriend and they decided that they need "time to think". and so when theyre still thinking(beinging away from each other) he goes to the movies and sees her with another guy(not him) and then he was upset thats the story of the song. Its a sad song - ariluvsjb

That should be me is the most Pure song.
You can feel the song

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28 That Power

It's awful that Bieber is the best part of the song even though his chorus is clumsy and directionless. - WonkeyDude98

This is one of the songs of feat. JB. Its cool and the chorus by justin are good too..
I like these lines:
" Whatever doesn't kill you
Only makes stronger
So I'ma get stronger "
Because they possess a truly effective meaning!

This song makes me poop my pants every time I hear it

It sucks! Listen to taylor swift, adele, avril lavgine, and 1D for better music.

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29 Die in Your Arms

Love this song.. Whenever I hear it, it feels like I'm listening to a symphony... It makes me say wow every time I hear it... It describes the love between the both

Its to amazing song with a very god lyrics a damn od song

All people will be enter in romance scene whenever they listen this amazing love song, great vocal, lyric, music, instrument, lyric structure, and the scene whats this song made.

It shows that he loves you so much and that when your in his arms he would due for you and take care of you this is one of my favorite songs because it really whows the love he has for you

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30 All I Want for Christmas is You

It is the best Christmas song ever

It is such a wonderful song.

He ruined it. Just ruined it. - RiverClanRocks

It is a brillant song ft mahirah cariey it is just amazing and a good chrismas song aslwell this should be number 16!

31 Turn to You

I'm not a JB FAN. But I love this song... Best one dedicated to momsys... Its one of my favorite. I like somebody to love 2.

Lyric and the feel of the songs awesome and this must go up

Too awesome and meaningful for modern pop music standards. And yes, I am literally talking about a JB song.

Amazing tune, best ever lyrics what are waiting for... vote for this song fellas..
I don't like Justin Bieber that much but this song made me fall in love with him..
He loves his mom very much. Vote if you love your moms

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32 All Bad

It's a nice song yaa

33 I Would

This song shows that he would do anything to make you feel better that take away all the pain and to make your day better we all have those bad days but he's saying he would take away everything bad for you and he would try anything to make your day better this song is one of my favorites from him because it truly shows how much he cares about you and loves you

Best song I ever hear its really touch my heart jb I love you so much

I could listen to this song all day. His vocals are beautiful on this track.

If I can upvote, baby I would, baby I would and yes I have voted it and this is not the position this song must be on

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34 Let Me Love You

This song is one of my favourite but his voice gets all weird

I can't spend a day without listening to his songs I love him so much

I love this song and I love JUSTIN

Good song

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35 Born to Be Somebody

ONE OF THE BEST SONGS IN THE WORLD. It gives me so much inspiration. I love all lyrics of this song but the lines I love are " I can feel it I Believe it ". If anyone hates him then they should listen this song cause it's amazing. This song is for people with a dream. Justin You were born to be some body

Man I love this songs. It gives me courage

Really an inspiring song.


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36 I'll Show You

Inspirational, most people haven't heard of this one

Oh! I don't like this song

Well sang Justin


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37 I'm the One

Justin Bieber Love me music Album xoxoxo

Love this, recomended for you guys "I'm the one yeah"


38 One Love

Was not a fan of Justin Bieber.. But after listening to this, I became, this is the best song I have heard... I don't know why it's so underrated! I can't believe, it's at 30th? It should be at least in the top-ten!

Love it! How the hell is it in no.31?

Well its a truely good song, little boy justin has grown up...

I can't believe in love

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39 Overboard

Its obvious those who havnt voted for this have never heard it
- josephvellappally

I am a huge fan and I love ALL his songs but I never EVER skip this one. I love it

When ever I play this osng on my I pod I always sing the jessica jarrel or Miley Cyrus part and think like that is me on stage with him and if you think that to thios should be number 1

Very good music

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40 Never Let You Go

Wonderful lovely passionate song every one should really listen
This song is one which describes love

Such emotional, I love this song because he will never let you go... Notice it, if I'd be his oNE LESS LONELY GIRL, probably I will have a lot of haters like selena did, because his fans is so so many and oh their just jealous

Awesome song... I love the emotions that is depicted throughout the song... ^^ his voice, man it is simply superb..!

This song makes you fall in love. Incredible music and pleasing scenes make this song one of my most favorite mongs

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