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41 Maria

I think Maria is a very good music. Of course I think all of Justin's songs are great, but Maria, Baby, Love me like you do and Uh-oh are pretty fantastic. I, as one of Justin's fans, want him to sing the musics like these. Iranian people are really interested in your musics Justin. Come to Iran. Wish see you.

I thought Justin Bieber songs were only starting to be good last year. Apparently, I was wrong. I mean, when I heard about this song from SpectrumPulse, I didn't think I could Believe (pun intended) him. This song is fantastic. The beat is pretty good, and it's the worst part. Bieber's vocals are sharp and clean, which is very much unlike himself. But what makes this song special are the lyrics. Is this about a Justin Bieber Stan named Maria, fame, or both? Either way, it tells the story about how Maria/fame is ruining his life and reputation to the brink of insanity. It's technically complaining about fame, but Bieber has such a way with words in this song that I just have to praise it. I give this song a 5/5. - WonkeyDude98

I'm 10 it was hard to pick one song but this was my random chose but I love justin so much I have his perfum loads of posters and more

Isn't this the song that ripped off of Billie Jan

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42 Right Here

WoW! Drake and Justin! Perfect combination with perfect song

As usual sweet voice of drake and a little falsetto voice of Justin, yup great combination

Come on guys, this song rocks. I just fell of my chair when I saw that this song was not even present on the list.

I love you Justin Bieber you r my rock star

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43 Where Are Ü Now

This and what do you mean are the only songs I know that are not overrated

Best song by far. All the others are crap

This has got to be his best by far. So I'll be nice. 4.5/5 - AlphaQ

It is amazing. I like this signal ü 😌

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44 Live My Life

I love this song because it's so now and he's gonna live his life and he's saying everyone should live there's

Best song ever mostly because of the beat and I also love it because its different and no one would expect him to make a song like this love it muchness love you justin you the best ever live my ;ife is the best song ever love love lo

45 Cold Water

Awesome song I like it!

Just awesome

How is this below Baby, this was a great 2016 song

Amazing song! JB❤

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46 Be Alright

This is the best justin bieber song ever I listen to it everyday if you see this comment take a listen.

I LOVE THIS SONG I all ways listen to this song every day

Justin's voice in this song is like an angel

I love this song it's my all time favorite... If you have not heard it then you don't have a life

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47 Heartbreaker

So good! I can't get it out of my head!

It super song in 2014 and Justin I am grate fan of you

It is the best on itunes and this song is going on the top of the list

Oh my god it's on 43 rank. It must in top 10. Love this song. - KshitijGodbole

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48 All I Want is You
49 Kiss and Tell

Best Song of his I don't know why it isn't in the top 5 at least! Listen to it, good song to dance to

Love this song. Jb is the best

Best song ever heard.. I must tell his voice is just adorable.. anyone can fall in love with him and his song. I am a biggest fan and a verified belieber

50 Company

One of the few good songs of Justin Bieber, the rest are crap - pcn

As Much As I Hate This Artist, I'm Not Afraid To Say This Is Awesome - VideoGamefan5

Wow... Too good dudes.. Too good and the video, I don't have words to say.

Hands down. Company, perhaps tied with Sorry, should take first place in my opinion.

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51 Beautiful

It's a wonderful song made by carley rae jepsen and Justin Bieber.
I love Justin Bieber and he is the best singer.

52 2U
53 Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Please forgive me but I didn't know he sang that he doesn't I know it

How old is he 7?

54 Hold Tight

Nice song, I love it

Amazing best song ever baby is awful

55 Common Denominator

It is such a beautiful song with really light and lively background music. his voice is just awesome

I love this song so much
It is the best song in the whole world by him its just amazing I love the lyrics so much I just want to marry him so much this song is my favorite song of all time its just the perfect song ever it's so cool and Justin will you marry me when I heard this song I fell in love with Justin Bieber I hope you never stop making awesome song because your awesome

The lyrics are amazingly amazing <$

Proud to be a belieber

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56 First Dance

Best best best song of all time listened almost 1000 times but still looks fresh

Best song ever by anyone to dance with your girlfriend

I want this song on my first dance

57 Pyd

Starting part was good but the lyrics make no sense. But still I am a great fan of yours

Best song of his!

58 Fa La La

The most awesome song
I've ever heard

Highly romantic
JB rocked this song

I love JB!

The best contribution by JB to the music world


That one of my favorites of Christmas - KshitijGodbole


59 Baby's Love Story In My Head

Hmm this song is remix... Which is only not of Justin but taylor swift and jason derulo also...
Nyc song... Must listen...

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60 Out of Town Girl

I like him. Every my music apparatus is fulled by his music.
Really he what a good boy. I like him. And I am sure I will never hate him

This is aMazing why is thiS it even in the top 2

I love you Justin.

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