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61 Up

Really it should be the first one course justin was totally cool in the song

THIS SONG IS AWESOME! This actually should be in top ten.

Melody and lyrics are just perfect. My favorite

I like to sing this song to my girlfriend

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62 Out of Town Girl

I like him. Every my music apparatus is fulled by his music.
Really he what a good boy. I like him. And I am sure I will never hate him

This is aMazing why is thiS it even in the top 2

I love you Justin.

63 Omaha Mall

I love Justin Bieber so much, sometimes I think oh all of those other girls love him so loving him is just a cliche, and then I'm like, who am I kidding I'm future Mrs. Bieber... (I wish) lmao

64 Catching Feelings V 2 Comments
65 Bad Day

This is better than Baby song for sure

Truly melodious and heart-touching song. Best one to describe the recent condition of my heart - sd.

Its a song part of #musicmondays and honestly sounds beautiful, has a big meaning to it

66 Sorry

Am I the only one who sees connections between Bieber's 2015 releases and his actual life? Where Are You Now applies. What Do You Mean applies. Even the awful I'll Show You applies. But Sorry? Not only is it easily his best song ever, it is also his most mature and his most realistic. - WonkeyDude98

Awesome beats and song is total beauty!

I think it's my favorite Justin Bieber song. I love this song and I don't even love Justin Bieber. I'm surprised it's not on top ten.

I love this song and I love Justin too

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67 Recovery

I love this song it's fast upbeat but not to fast and upbeat to just listen to and party recovery is really good and it can also come across slow I know this sounds weird but it's kinda upbeat and slow yet fast I'm not sure but anyway it's my favorite song

68 Latin Girl

Love the lyrics

I learn this song because I love it

best song

this song is so cool rhythm is gode and the lyrics to but I like to justin get a vedio of the song

69 Home to Mama
70 Mark My Words
71 Drummer Boy

Really love the beat to this one, but the lyrics are really good as well, definitely a whole new kind of Christmas song.

The best rap ever

I love drummer boy, but Justin's version sucks.

<3 just love it!

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72 Love Me Like You Do

Best JB song From BELIEVE...

Amazing! That's all I'm going to say! Cause his voice is deep now so that adds to the amazingness. All in all I would have loved to see this song up in the top 10s!

The part : baby baby baby 😍

73 Been You

Its awesome this song is related with my life I like it

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74 Dr. Bieber V 2 Comments
75 Flatline
76 Looking for You

Really shocked, this song is 97! How could it be, maybe no one has heard it yet but seriously this is one of his best songs! Love it

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77 Pick Me

We all look forward to his albums Justin Bieber next album. Adrian Romania

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78 Purpose

I really think that he can show us that the purpose that he is still writing music is that us fans help him get through some of his situations but mostly that god shows him the way out of maze.

Adore this song

Best song ever and he feels so emotionally about it. seeing it in concert was magical


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79 The Feeling

The Feeling is a great song with Super awesome instrumental work by Skrillex and sung by the great singer Justin Bieber!

This song from Purpose album is really the best Justin ever created. The collaboration with Halsey really paid off.

! This song is great. He makes it an even greater song by collabo with Halsey her voices is amazing all haunting and cool.Makes me see Mr J Bieber in a new light.Shows me that his evolved as an artist and that his not settling and always surprises his audience with unexpected sounds.

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80 Uh Oh
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