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101 Christmas Eve
102 Someday at Christmas
103 She's Taken
104 Up and Down
105 Memphis

It's truly Justin Bieber best song till yet! So different from his other songs and really Journals is his Best work till yet... So mature album... And Big sean back again

106 What's Hatnin'

I'm a Belieber and I love all songs of Justin... but that song have a nice beat, and I love it ♡

107 Silent Night
108 Swap It Out

This song is amazing and I'm not even a fan how is it not up there

I'm a big fan of Justin.I love his songs..this song is superb

Favorite girl is the best I can't lie
this song touch my heart

109 Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas

Best lyrics in this song...beautiful voice

110 We Were Born for This
111 Broken V 1 Comment
112 No Sense V 3 Comments
113 No Pressure V 1 Comment
114 Let It Be

What the hell is let it be doing on this list? It's just annoying and this was supposed to be the Beatles song.

V 1 Comment
115 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire)
116 I'm Not Famous

Everyone is ignoring thus song because it hasn;t released.. But when it will release it will break all the billboard records

V 1 Comment
117 Perfect Together
118 Mark My Words
119 Life is Worth Living
120 Believe

This is a lovely song. Every time I hear this I can feel the pain. It is the best song of JB. He is so cute. I just love him even more than myself. He has done a wonderful job in this song. This song must be in top 5. Hey guys please listen to this song and vote for it. I am sure you will love it.

I love how it thanks his fans for believing in him and believing he can do it nobody how many times he screws up I just love that he expresses his love and feelings for us and he knows that without us he wouldn't be who he is today so I'm glad he expresses all of that in the song

Thanks for making a song for believers. I liked its lyrics. Its very inspiring. I am proud of you

Hey friends this is a fantastic song. So guys please download it and listen to it and vote as much as possible because this desrves a place in top 5. Love you JB

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