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41 Love Dealer Love Dealer

Esmee Denters is really hot in the video on this! Oh, and JT is his usual brilliant self.

I really love this song. It's so fresh and catchy! The chemistry between Justin and Esmée on it is awesome (especially in the music-video). Can't wait to hear more from this girl even she's not signed to his label anymore. It should be on Top 10!

42 Let the Groove Get In Let the Groove Get In

Just makes you wanna dance!

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43 That Girl

Why is this so underrated? It had great vocals and use of instrumental.

Can't believe this song is so underrated, it has a nice r&b feel and fun to dance to.

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44 (Oh No) What You Got (Oh No) What You Got

So under rated. It has such awesome production and a vibe that makes you feel like dancing. Give it a listen.

45 Future Sex Love Sound Future Sex Love Sound

This is one of the greatest songs! Absolutely love the lyrics!

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46 Love Sex Magic Love Sex Magic
47 Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want) Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want)

This reminds me of some night passed with my friend! One of his best by far

'Sounds are calm when we become the animals, that were made in the jungle' JT gets us in mood Before we even notice... Oh! Its an amazing song

48 Sexy Ladies Sexy Ladies

This song is bad with a funky beat to it, he should've made a video to this I rekon it would've been recognised as one of his best! I like walking to this when I'm around 'sexy ladies'

49 Electric Lady

Electric isn't my all time favourite song (that's my love),
But it is underrated. The beat is sick and his voice sounds perfect! - Sjinkiie

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50 Motherlover Motherlover

I died of laughter when I was listening to this song

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51 Only When I Walk Away Only When I Walk Away V 1 Comment
52 Body Count

This should be first it's impossible to find another song like this

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53 Pair of Wings

It's such a moving and catchy slow song his voice goes so well with it

This is so moving and catchy it goes so well with JT's voice. He is a fabulous singer and I love him.

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54 Last Night Last Night V 1 Comment
55 Five Hundred Miles Five Hundred Miles V 1 Comment
56 Good Foot
57 If I Talk
58 True Blood

Amazing song just a little scary

59 Cabaret (Feat. Drake)

This song is the best of the top! Love the second part in the song at 3 minutes never listened something similar! :D

Coolest song ever. I definitely agree it's like Suit & Tie part 2.

Best JT song... And how the heck is it #46? 46? Seriously. It's like Suit and Tie but the rap is a bit better and the style is kickbutt

60 Rehab Rehab
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