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JYJ, consisted of JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu is formed of the three former TVXQ members, they're best known as one of the most vocally-talented groups in South Korea, and undoubtedly, they have some great songs! Share your opinion of which song is the best or your most favorite by VOTING HERE!!!

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1 In Heaven In Heaven

Beautiful song and video as well. But I just fell in love with their live performance. What a talented group of men! I admire in the live performance how they sing in high pitch especially Junsu! Every time I listen to this song and I fall head over heels!

I love that song it makes me at piece I can lisen to it everyday the whole day long even when I don't understand what they sing I love it it males me remember the good things that happen in my live

All the songs I really love.. Love you jyj

Really really really love it

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2 Get Out Get Out
3 Ayyy Girl Ayyy Girl

Ayyy girl performance at Tokyo dome 2013 killed me. Ballad ver. Is my favorite.

4 Empty Empty

I love the different music in it. The lyrics are simple but meaningful. Easy to attach to

5 Be My Girl / Be My Babe
6 Boy's Letter
7 Too Love
8 You're You're
9 Creation Creation

This is one of the best songs of jyj... Not to mention that it ranked no.4 on the us billboard charts... Its lyrics and music is just too good to miss out...

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10 W

So much love conveyed in this song. So much pain and healing.

This song are successfully make me cry every time I listening to it

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11 Fallen Leaves Fallen Leaves
12 Mission Mission
13 Back Seat Back Seat

It's music is very lovely and I fell in love with that song.

14 Nine Nine

I believe Jaejoong oppa wrote this song for Yunho not Yuchun. This song makes me more hopeful,

15 Baboboy Baboboy
16 I.D.S. (I Deal Scenario) I.D.S. (I Deal Scenario)

It's the most catchy song every and I had been listening to this for almost a year already! It's the best of the best! No other korean bands can compare to JYJ! This song had been composed by the awesome JYJ!

17 Letting Go Letting Go
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1. In Heaven
2. Get Out
3. Ayyy Girl



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