MinSul (Min Ho & Sulli)


I love how they helped each other out in running man, minho would help sulli escape no matter what. When playing games he also helped sulli walk (hard to walk in the defensive outfit sulli was wearing)

K dramas was first introduced to me by my children. They recommended me to a few on line webs. I started to like Minho s acting after watching the pianist even though I felt upset a bit with the ending because I am the type who love happy ending.. Then months later since I watched on line at random, I stumbled upon to the beautiful you, even though the ending like hanging in the thin air I was so glad that I started pressing my key board with his name Choi Min Ho and at the same time I love the actress too, she is so cute and both of them were perfectly match.. suddenly I just realize that I already become their fans and I am so embarrassed because I am going to be a nanny soon haha.

They are the Best Couple I've ever set my eyes on. I don't really care when it comes to OTP's but after watching 'To The Beautiful You'... I don't know anymore. Their chemistry both on or off screen is just so ridiculously awesome! You can't even deny their powerful chemistry. And whenever they look at each other's eyes, they have this connection that no words can ever describe. You got what I mean? And even thought I've watched the Drama for 5 times already, I still can't get enough! It's like I'm having a MINSUL Syndrome that I just can't help but watch some videos of them interacting in SMTOWN Concerts, and in Music Shows. This is just so crazy! I was never into such love teams in dramas but MINSUL is just so hard to ignore. Describing them in words are the hardest thing to do. Words are not enough. And I believe that Minho and Sulli has a thing for each other. Delusional or not, For me, MINSUL is Real

Minho and Sulli are so unique as a couple in such a way. They are capable of being so sneaky in giving out some moments, but good thing Minsullians are very attentive in every single details. Pats on the shoulders, small thumbs up, and eye-contact with smiles have been small things that makes MinSul such an amazing ship! Minho attends to Sulli's workplaces for several times already just to pay her a visit, and attends premieres and events that involve with Sulli and give the extreme butterflies of saying beautiful words of encouragement and finishing of with saying words to our precious Sulli. Sulli has admired Minho and has even said it in interviews where she thinks back about him, it's just almost irresistible for us to hold in our fangirling. MinSul is so unique in showing moments of each other, and their way of being so close to each other just gets us fans dellusional and desperate for more. MinSul is a ship we believe will become real, and a ship that we love for our both ...more

Minho and Sulli is the best couple for me, I ship that couple. Their sweet moments are not only in their drama "to the beautiful you" but also in their real life. If you will watch their videos out there, you can figure out why I ship Minsul.

Minsul is my bias. I'm very like minsul and maybe I'm falling in love with they're two. Ah not maybe but obviously falling in love with minsul couple. I hope they are can be real couple. I know sulli in big trouble for now but I'm not believe on that rumors. And minsul is the best for everything :') I hope sulli can smile again. And for all haters don't judge her again, please... :'( stop it. - DwiCahya_E

L.O.V. E this couple! They are really really the perfect couple in KPOP. Minho is a perfect guy with his flaming charisma and Sulli is a perfect girl with her cute face. I'm ship them! Minsul jjang! Minsul is R.E.A. L

... I've watch minsul tie 4 and I can see that minsul is real everything they said are related to each other... And people love them.. I think they are suitable for each other... Minsul forever...

I fell in love with MinSul after I watched their drama, To The Beautiful You. At first, I only watched that drama because of Minho but soon I came to love Sulli. I can feel and see the spark in those two. They were the first couple I liked in K-pop. Their moments are so adorable! They look cute together.

MinSul makes me loves Kpop... Even though the drama were short their effect are AMAZING! Their love is everlasting! They always succeed in making my heart skips a beat! For Heaven sake! Minho, Sulli, just tell the world that you guys are going out! Woho! MinSul for the win!

MINHO AND SULLI... MINSUL is another name for inspiration... I love them.. Hope that they will end up together, forever...

I just love Minsul so much! I loved them from the first day I saw them together on T.V. when ttby aired. They are just so cute together! It makes me giddy thinking about them. They have THAT spark that I've never seen and felt on any other actress or actor. Just thinking about Minsul makes my heart beat with joy and excitement. That's why as a Minsullian I will support them all the way.

I hope that this couple will be the best couple in korea someday. I think both of them have a feelings for each other beacause the way they look at each other is different. Please ship this couple. YOU WILL LOVE IT! Keep calm and spread your love in MinSul. FIGHTING! FOREVER MINSUL! - shannen_angcla03

When they had the drama 'To The Beautiful You'
They really have a strong chemistry. That's why people started loving them more. They had more fans and supporters. Sometimes Minho and Sulli are seen in doing sweet gestures to each other and they became more close. That's why fans would assume that there's something going on between them. I love this couple so much and I'm a hard core fan of this couple.

MINSUL COULPE they are like a real couple because in there drama T.V. series, when I every saw theme everyday, there are something between them.
There are sweet together when they or not in scene. I like them very much. MINSUL COUPLE FOREVER.

Minsul was beautiful, they look very natural and candid. Just look at them with eyes that stared at Minho with Sulli full of love and affection, the eyes can never lie because the eyes are the windows to the heart <3 Sulli who did the act naive and innocent as it is very amazing. I particularly liked their love even today. I honestly see them not the usual pair but a magical pair, not exaggeration and sweet, like a couple who are already destined to be together, it could still be a strong partner MinSul you truly REAL and AMAZING

I always have a faith in them. even though there are lot of rumors regarding sulli with other man, I still believe deep inside my heart that they ended being together someday. lets pray for sulli and minsul

They really have a lot of moments together, and their relationship is now very closer to each other. I think they really are a georgeus couple.

I really love this couple.. Especially in "to the beautiful u"

Love them very much... Now everyday I watch minsul moment at youtube.. They very sweet n lovely... Hope they are truth... I fall in love to them after watching to the beautiful you... Because the very sweet n I love them very much... I buy TTBY vcd box & keep as my personal collection.. Minsul forever.. Love love love

They're the cutest couple ever formed of two wonderful hardworking humans. They are each individually special in their own way and together, it's wonderful x 1000.

This is the best couple ever. Their chemistry is just so good. And the most important is they're REAL! There are so many evidences. And also many of shows and cfs ships minsul, like running man. Running man make our Minsul be together again in their show. SKT LTE too. They made MINSUL act as a couple in their cf even if Minsul are really a couple already in true life. Ahh. I do love this couple. I do love MINSUL. I swear.

They are real! You can see it in T.V.. They always togethrr if they have a show together! MINSUL hwaiting

They both look very cute together... I hope they together but minho likes older girls than younger girls

I think MINSUL couple should be the first ranking top ten best kpop couple because they are so sweet couple... On the running man, and all variety show... I hope they will be couple forever... MINSUL... FIGHTING