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181 Leader Couple (Suho & Chorong) V 2 Comments
182 XOI5Y (EXO Girl's Day)

I'm very love this couple.
I don't why I like them, but if I saw this couple, my heart is beating very fast. Ah.. I hope this couple is real ever.
XOI5Y Jjang.. XOI5Y I Love You ♥♥♥

183 Hunzy (EXO Sehun & Miss A Suzy)

They look great together

184 EXOZY (EXO & Bae Suzy Miss A)
185 Angry Birds Couple (Kris & Bomi) V 2 Comments
186 Rhodes (Kai & Naeun)

I will make they married together, soon

187 SeoJi (Seo In Guk & Eunji) V 1 Comment
188 Chanstalpillars (Chanyeol & Krystal)
189 Seungju (Choi Seung Hyun & Seo Ju Hyun)
190 YeolJoo (Sungyeol & Namjoo) V 1 Comment
191 Dongmi (Dongwoo & Bomi)
192 Xiurong (Xiumin & Chorong)

The hidden high-pitched members and they will be a cute couple even no has mentioned this and I'll put this let's vote

193 Gukrong (Yongguk & Chorong)
194 Jinmi (Jr. & Bomi)

They real actually... Especially moments music bank at Hanoi, Jr want to be closer with bomi if have a chance. I hope one day this couple will be real in world kpop Idol.. Sorry for my bad English

V 1 Comment
195 Jackber (Jackson & Amber)

Jackson : Amber is someone who is really important to me
Amber : to me, Jackson is like a precious younger brother

196 BabyFaced Couple (EXO Lu Han & APink Yoon Bomi) V 1 Comment
197 Main Vocal Couple (EXO Byun Baekhyun & APink Jung Eunji)
198 Oh Maknae Couple (EXO Oh Sehun & APink Oh Hayoung) V 1 Comment
199 Hyper Couple (EXO Chen & APink Namjoo)
200 EXOpink (SM Entertainment's EXO and Acube's Apink) V 2 Comments
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