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21 Fallen Angel (Seohyun & EXO)

Oh my gawsh, I ship everyone with seohyun in EXO
I didn't know who to chose, but luckily there are
fallen angels
EVERYONE who is a Fallen Angel, should be proud of themselves!

I think all of member of exo have feeling toward seohyun! She is soooclose to their ideal type!

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22 ChoHan (Luhan & Chorong)

They so adorable. I ship REAL and I want they be REAL COUPLE. I really like these two were together

Chohan and choco honeys!

This duo is better


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23 SeYoon (Yoona & Sehun)

My two lovely biases ^^

I just want them to be good friends because I love sehun so much can you hear sehun oppa

I like how when EXO members were greeting her and Sehun just smiled when he's younger than her...


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24 Flaming Pearls (Yuri & Minho)

No need to say, a lot of evidences. Even just the bracelet proves it all. The tapping, being with each other for almost every time, so yeah.

Watch their videos on YouTube. I guarantee you that you will believe that they are real after watching them..

Minyul look harmonious, although Yuri older than Minho but age does not affect them. Minyul! Minyul!

The realest straight couple in kpop

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25 Dorks (Leeteuk & Taeyeon)

Love love love them, I hope they are to be real

They like a real couple I love they

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26 Unexpected Leader (Suho & Chorong)

There are many rumors about them in korea that they looked so close in backstages

Perfect couple :D and leader couple

Angelic face, angelic voice, parents leader. perfect match

I love SURONG!

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27 Royal Subjects (Sungmin & Sunny)

Queen of Aegyo and King of Aegyo... The Couple of Aegyo... Please vote for them :'( I very love this couple!

Anyway, the reason I watch chunji radio is for SunSun, not for MinYoung and Sungmin is my bias, and I hope Sungmin live well with Sunny in the future^^ SunSun jjang!

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28 Mr. and Mrs. Choi (Siwon and Sooyoung)

Mr. & Mrs. Choi aside from Choi Minho and Choi Sulli. Siwon always looks out for Sooyoung! OH MY GOSH. The way he stares at her is killing us Guardians with giggles :D

I love Siwon and Sooyoung so much! They're the best couple I ever met! Since Sooyoung is my bias at SNSD and Siwon is my bias at SJ, I just feel that every time I match them, I feel something good in my heart. Even though, I have see many perfect couple like SiFany or else, but I'm still in my stance. I think SooWon is the one.

Its look so obvious the way siwon look our sooyoung, the fact that they are always together also they show a lot of love for each other

Siwon and sooyoung always guard each other with love, that's why we pround as Guardians

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29 KrisYoon (Kris & Yoona)

Why would anyone pair these two up? I mean come on people! Think!

Why would anyone pair this two up? I mean come on people! Think!

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30 SoZy (Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy)
31 Monday Couple (JiHyo & Gary)

Monday Couple's love makes others envious, esp those who are FA like me

Real couple! they should GEt married!

Monday couple, they look perfect

Monday couple! Real couple!

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32 Deer-Devil (Yoona, Luhan & Kai)

Interesting combination. I wouldn't mind if yoona dates one of them. I think they both look good with yoona.

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33 MyungZy (Myungsoo and Suzy)

I really ship them because they're just so perfect for each other! :)) I love them to bits. They really fit for each other. I can't ship myungsoo to other girls. Only to suzy.. as well as suzy, I can't ship him to other boys because I only want myungsoo for him. Myungzy jjang!

Love their interaction! Let us know, it's being Autumn or Spring - emelliasi

I think they're really match for each other! They're also my favorite actor and singer... so let's MyungZy

Love their interaction, cute and they look together

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34 EXOPink (EXO & APink)

To be honest I'm Kai And Naeun Shipper, I really like them together, I hope kai and naeun will be a real couple :3

I Love EXOpink especially the main ships I was sad when they were set aside and changed into a new one but for me I'll never change I love the main ships but I accept the reality...

I think chenmi is real

I ship them...

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35 SuRong (Suho & Chorong)

Both childish leader, 91 liners, rong mama and suho grandpa are the best pair

SuRong couple is the best …I very like them because they are cute when together ^^

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36 Eunhyoholics (Eunhyuk & Hyoyeon)

They're lovely. Both with a very bright charisma and dance machines I hope they're real♥

They are dancing queen and king.. Have a lot of similarities and style.. People around them really comfortable with them.. High self esteem.. Love them so much..

I wish they have a battle dance. Just them, Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon

Yes. One of the longest standing match-made-in-heaven ships

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37 Match Couple (Nickhun Horvejkul & Im Yoona)

I say that this couple is also awesome cause you know. They are really suits for each other. KhunA shippers Vote this for the WIN>>>>>>

38 Milky Maknae (Seohyun and Sehun)

Both of them are maknae.

They're innocent but still sexy.

They have milky skin.

Omo.. I'm really a seohan shipper! And Whats witg kuhan's stares in seohyun?... Omo! I remeber when My friend heard about seohyun and luhan in a relationship, She's cryinv that time even if she's a sehun biased and she said she is hurt for me, while me I'm laughing out loud! I'm happy!...

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39 ChanJi (ChanYeol & EunJi)

They are like a real couple because coincidence same in each event, like in premiere movie saving Santa they are wear same clothes and jacket, and the gaze oh my good I'm melting and full of love

Another great man for Eunji

Ah happy virus couple, so kyeopta :3


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40 BaekYoon (Yoona & Baekhyun)

I don't care. just love them

They so cute haha

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