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41 Athletes Couple (Minho & Krystal)

They are perfect together! Both are sporty, and have that has a distant personality on the outside and a warm heart on the inside. Flaming hot charisma meets an ice princess! Their personalities just click and they have a lot of chemistry

They are perfect together! They both very good in sport.. and I saw their interaction in gda, ,waaah everyone who see it will think that they are really in love with each other

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42 Baekji (Baekhyun and Eunji)

I know that Baekhyun has Taeyeon for now but we really don't know in the future..

Eunji&baekhyun are perfect together

Baekhyun broke up with Taehyun anyways so why not ship him with eunji?

I ship this pair so much! Baekhyun and Eunji have similar characteristics and I want to see them together... (just imagining it makes me laugh)
They are both the main vocal of their respective groups! Daebak!
They're both dorky too! I love to see them in WGM! KEKEKE

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43 Blue Couple (Nichkhun & Tiffany)

For their real couple fans...

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44 TaeYoon (Taecyeon & Yoona)

They look really happy together, Their are many moments of taeyoon

They are so very good looking together! Especially at their mv the cabi song!

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45 YunJae (Yunho & Jaejoong)

Even a friend of mine who isn't a yunjae fan thinks there is something going on between the two. Delusional fans? I don't think so!

There is always something behind their stares, their hugs and stuff like that, something you can only find in real couples..

Because if YunJae isn't real, my grandma is virgin.

Well this is yunjae we are talking about..

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46 Petite Cuties (Baekhyun & Taeyeon)

Baekyeon my favorite couple...

They are match couple ever!

Love it so much


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47 Milky Couple (Woo Young & IU)


48 Khuntori (Nichkhun and Victora) V 1 Comment
49 Wild Orchids (Kyuhyun and Yuri)

KYURI is real, they are best couple and perfect together
SparKYURIsistable JJANG!

Main Vocal is Kyuhyun and Lead Dancer is Yuri, best couple, and still hidden moment for us

I love kyuhyun oppa and yuri onnie... They are the best couple... Hope they will be together later

Kyuri the best couple, Kyuri is real, kyuri forever

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50 Royalist (Seohyun and Kris)

I think kris really like seohyun, he always glare at seohyun, and his ideal tape is just like seohyun.

Ugh. SeoKris for the win!
Both were like royalties of their own groups. And I do think as well as their fans. Compare to other Seo-Exo Fandoms, Royalists are way better

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51 Prophets (Siwon & Tiffany)

They make the most perfect couple, in terms of their looks and personality

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52 Aquarian Angel (Seohyun & Suho)

Maybe this couple is not my favorite but I have to choose one. To be honest I like baekyeon couple and teuktae couple but then is nothing in here so, I choose this couple

I personally think Seo & Suho is perfectly match. They love to read and they are polite. They look like each other, but unfortunately their moment is kinda rare. I hope they can be 2nd EXOShidae official couple like BaekYeon.

53 HyoHyuk (Hyoyeon & Eunhyuk)

I love them dancing together

54 YeYoon (Yesung & Yoona)

I love YeYoon forever. I'm not going to move fandom

55 SeoKaiser (Seohyun and Kai)

I love this couple a lot!

56 SWAG (Siwon & Agnes Monica)

They are great together... The woman is Indonesian great singer and the man is one of great korean entertainer.. 2 difference culture for one reason "LOVE".. They have same vision and their faces look same each other... God give them met at ASF 2009 and they are soulmate because from their similarity of face and interest... SWAG match couple and perfect couple...

Perfect couple
Both are awesome, cute, smart
Yes, Swag go public
I love you both
I hope they will meet and married

Perfect couple forever.
Both are awesome and cute.
Must married.

Perfect couple. both of them are great!

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57 Perfection (Seohyun and Yunho)

Seohyun - Yunho such as great couple. Seohyun needs someone mature and take care for her self

There are a lot of rumors about them~ But I wonder why Europe fans don't know about them~

I can say that these two have so many Korean shippers~~

I ship this couple as well~~ They're meant for each other. They're perfect

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58 SpartAce Couple (Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo)

I'm Spartace's army. I ship them like crazy!

I very like Spartace Couple more than Monday Couple in Running Man

Ahhh... I'm really really love this couple. But I love monday couple too..

I hope they are a real couple.

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59 Eunhae (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

*scrolling down*
*sees Eunhae*
YES! :D Definitely! Kekekee no one can beat out this couple! - konan

These two could just look in each other's direction and eunhae shippers would be all over it. I mean its the fish and the monkey, need I say more?

Eunhae... Best couple ever! Better than the official ones, so real...

EunHae is the most beautiful couple in the world! I love Eunhae!

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60 MyungEun (Myungsoo & Naeun)

There is really something between these two, call us delusional but their moments are just too cute! They don't talk to each other (well who knows? ) but their hidden glances are enough to say they're having a crush on each other :3 they even have similarities too. Their obsession for Black, being Visuals of their groups, similar personalities, etc. Shippers are dying to see them together in a drama series, that's for sure!

Their moment are very cute with their hidden glances, and once naeun favourite a picture edited of myungsoo and naeun on twitter and during man in love promotion, myungsoo seems so down and sad I guess it is because naeun on we got married? (Well it might be) Shippers are waiting for their moments and on drama together: )

Eve when they nothing, just being together in the same frame gives me so much feels already! They're so perfect for each other!

MyungEun all the way

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