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61 Delusionals (Jessica and Donghae)
62 Kaisoo (Kai and D.O.)

This couple is TOO real. All their subtle moments and interactions = feels! THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER IS TOO REAL.

63 TaeNy (Taeyeon & Tiffany)
64 Vitamins (Chanyeol & Sandara)

This is the one ship that makes total sense since it's so obvious how much Chanyeol likes her. He sits up straight and tries to act cool when she's around, when he was bouncing around he'll stop and be still, and he keeps stealing glances at her every chance he gets. Dara also knows about it too since since she liked a photo of them together a little while ago. Chandara, meet again in 2015~!

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65 ChanyoungBona (CN Blue Kang MinHyuk & F(x) Krystal)

They cute. very cute and I wachted their moment at gda, it's so real.
I hope they can be together for ever

66 KyungJoo (D.O. & NamJoo)

Kyungjoo looks so good together

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67 Cute Couple (Kang Min Hyun & Park Shin Hye)
68 SuSica - Suho and Jessica

They look so happy around each other.

69 Hunhan (EXO'S Sehun and Luhan)
70 Baekyeol (Baekhyun & Chanyeol)

Chanyeol said it himself:
1. When they get into fights, he's always the one who apologizes and they always make up before the day ends
2. He thinks baekhyun is so small that it's "HIS responsibility to protect him"

71 WooRong (Woohyun & Chorong)

I love this couple I hope they will going to be real

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72 JJ (JB and Jiyeon)

I really think they look good together. They make a perfect couple to be honest. Their chemistry is for reals whether it's on-screen or off-screen. I love them so much.

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73 Eunhae (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

*scrolling down*
*sees Eunhae*
YES! :D Definitely! Kekekee no one can beat out this couple! - konan

These two could just look in each other's direction and eunhae shippers would be all over it. I mean its the fish and the monkey, need I say more?

Eunhae... Best couple ever! Better than the official ones, so real...

EunHae is the most beautiful couple in the world! I love Eunhae!

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74 Serene (Seohyun & Lay)

Same-age friends who are both peaceful. SeoLay shippers are very minimal but still, we are not the type of fans who base our love for them by moments. We really don't care if they don't have any moment at all

Gotta love and respect this 91-line couple
Despite their flaws, they could still manage to stand on stage and smile

However me are very excited this relationship.. I also ship ace baby, fallen angel, aquardian angel, royalist and milky maknae

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75 Fishypearl (Donghae & Yuri)

Donghae took a picture with Yuri and Amber and called them beauties. In a video for Donate Blood, Donghae called Yuri over just to tell her she stood out and overshadows everyone. Eunhyuk said she was a goddess and Donghae said, "The term Goddess is really term fitting. " He said Yuri was hid favorite SNSD member too! :) YULHAE! In a SMTOWN Press Conference, Donghae tapped on her shoulder twice! And they both looked at each other as Yuri was walking out!

A lot of interaction between them
They have a lot of moment. I love Yulhae
From the initial debut Donghae with yuri is near
We can see in the movie Super Junior attack the boys

I love yulhae forever becuse they have sweet moments like in the smtown concert, I hope they married together... please vote for them

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76 Taelli (Taemin & Sulli)

They look good together! Taelli is cute!

Couple is Cute and Moment is Real #I like it

77 Exist (Kris & Yuri)

I just like them, equally best-looking. I ' d like to see the moment when they get together.

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78 Aristocrats (Heechul & Jessica)
79 Arcadian (Kai & Krystal) V 5 Comments
80 BaekStal (Baekhyun & Krystal)

They don't have many moments, but ever since I watched the photoshoot bts, I started shipping them ;) They can be a cute and childish couple! I can see them arguing over ridiculous things.

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