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121 Beautie and the Beasts (9PM)
122 KyuMin Couple (KyuHyun & SungMin)
123 ChunHye (Yoo Chun & Yoon Eun Hye)
124 Charming (Siwon & Seohyun)
125 VinToria (Calvin Chen - Victoria)
126 MyungBer (Myung Soo & Amber)
127 Sages (Changmin & Sooyoung)
128 Adam Family (Jo Kwon & Ga-in)

They spend more than a year as a married couple, They've went through a LOT together.

They are real! No one can beat them! Noona dongsaeng hwaitting! They are meant to be together from the beginning! Even the greatest JYP bless them :D Just get married adam couple :) Adanes would be very happy :))

129 SooKey (Sooyoung & Key)
130 Obsessed Couple (Lee Joon & YeonSeo)
131 SunHee (KwangHee & SunHwa)
132 2M (Changmin & Yoochun)
133 Alien Couple (TOP & Bom)

If we were talking about 21BANG OTPs. This two were the most you wish they should be real. Both Pretty & Handsome. Who can deny the chemistry of these two whenever they were in one stage? Two of them together in one stage or camera is like they were shouting "FLIRT&LOVE"

Their height, personality, everything matches so well with each other!

134 Henberger (Henry & Amber)

The llama & The snoopy - happy holiday together

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135 ByungChan Lovechild (L. Joe & Chunji)
136 Blonde Cookies (Key & Dohee)
137 Fleurs (Tiffany & EXO)

No comment about this couple. Exofany JJANG!

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138 Siwonezmo (Siwon & Agnes Monica)
139 Gtae Kwon & Kim Leader (Taeyeon & Gdragon)

The leader :) best leader and they from the popular group :3

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140 Charms (Chanyeol & Bomi) V 1 Comment
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