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1 Monday Couple (Song Ji Hyo & Gary)

A perfect couple, that are filming together Running Man.

I love monday couple

I Love Running Man

Perfect couple forever

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2 MinSul (Minho & Sulli)

This couple is the best couple in the world! Because I never had this feeling that my heartbeat is racing! When I watch them I always feel that my heartbeat is beating fast! They are so perfect! I'm sorry to say this but I think Sulli is more better than Krystal for Minho!

They are REA! L MinSul is the BEST! I really believe in this couple! Their too obvious! I'm very sure both of them are in a relationship! Their personality complement each other! They make my heart giggle! Minsul is a perfect match! I LOVE THEM THEY ARE REAL! I TOTALLY BELIEVE IN THEM go and ship to them and you will realize that minsullians are RIGHT!

Really really really LOVE this couple! MINSUL JJANG! Keep your relationship Minsul. We believe you're real! All of your moments make all of us (Minsul Shipper) absolutely believe both of you have a special relationship!

They're best.

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3 Yongseo (Yonghwa & Seohyun)

Yongseo couple indeed! They are pure, sweet and lovely couple. They still contact each other and support each other as friend but who knows about future. Goguma fighting!

I hope yongseo is real and I can see both of them at same stage again

They give me the feeling of first love, so pure and innocent. Yet they are particular with everything from small things like seeing each other in same music programmes to even messaging and calling each other. They are the best couple trying to show their sincerity even though a fake programme, be it scripted or not. Some words, eyeships and actions could not be fake so easily. They are the only couple I watch again and again and still cry upon their separation. It just reflect to the audience how real they R. I believe many people do still watch the show. I miss them:(


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4 KhunToria (Nickhun & Victoria)

They belong together

I think they completely fell for each other for real doing this show... Their chemistry seems so real than others

They suit each other.. An ideal man for vic and perfect ideal woman for khun

When I watched them on wgm oh gosh I'm so being inloved with them, they look true husband and wife

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5 Seohyun & Kyuhyun

Their duets are the best. Their voices go hand in hand and I won't even mention who, but that person's voice doesn't fit hers' as well as his.

The way they steal glance at each other :)
We are SM the best official... Unofficial couple - Kyuhyun

Cute manknae couple~ their personality almost look alike except the angel and the evil thingy

They're so cutee! ^^ Like I was really squealing when I watch their live performances.

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6 SpartAce Couple (Jongkook & Jihyo)

They look so great together! They would also stand beside each other while waiting for something in running man! Go SpartAce!

<3 I just love how they fit each other, how JK looks at JH, with passion in his eyes!
They are just perfect, love how they standing next to each other, glance at each other
I hope they are a secret couple in the real life.

I love spartace couple! They great!

I really like to see them together

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7 YoonHae (Yoona & Donghae)

This couple it's truly really! I'm so addicted to search about this couple :D they such a good perfect nice couple ever! I love the way they talk about their ideal type :) and their love it's hard to hidden. We are pyros happy to see they have a moment! Yoonhae jjang

They might not have so many moments in public, that's why they're known as the off-screen couple. But the off-screen moments are what people always wanting to see. What they have gone through all these times already proven how strong their love and they always come back to each other at the end. The Fireworks will never fade away, it will always be there, in their hearts and ours.

YoonHae has so much chemistry, Obviously not Onstage, Their Love is forbidden... Haha I mean think of all the Fangirls and Fanboys chasing After Donghae and Yoona. I've supported them since 2008, And I never doubted them, sure they don't have as many moments this year as they both had busy schedule Yoona with Love Rain & now Donghae with Miss Panda and Hedgehog. Yeah Hater's Gon' hate, but whatever... If you haven't seen all their moments then You're CRAZY

They are my first love 💕

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8 Taeun (Taemin & Naeun)

Love this Couple! Feel they really do have fellings for each other. See a future for them hopefully after the show too.

Taemin and Naeun! Haters gonna hate but then I love them:)
I could really feel the love by taemin

Taemin and Naeun fighting, I will love your forever, we can feel the happiness when your stay together, believe yourselves, your will be better!

Ow so cute love couple ever I've seen
I want to be part a love just like this couple

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9 Daragon (Dara & G-Dragon)

They are real. I love to see them together. They're just belong together!

I like them because they are real... I'm sure... And they are very so much compatible to each other... And I am a certified daragon

Daragon is REAL... Hengso~~~

They are is real! I love to see them together. They're just belong together. Daragon is real, daragon is love, DARAGON FOREVER~

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10 HaeSica (Donghae & Jessica)

HaeSica always have cute and hidden moment &, especially the moment when on kpop innew york they so cute and funny. And I think hey have secrt relation ship and jessica is donhae woman type because he sid thath he like a cold woman and everyone know that jessica is cold woman because iss called ice princess. Haesica jjang :)

We're realer than yoonhae okay I don't care but he cares a lot to jessica and he always want to play with my sica ~

As an IceFishy, I don't really care if Haesica's not the number 1 couple. Why? Because even if they're not the first in the ranking, I know that Haesica's love for each other is real. Just by seeing the way they look at each other, you're gonna know for sure that something's going on between these two. Plus, the qualities/traits that Donghae used to describe his ideal girl is definitely a give away. Those Yoonhae shippers that are laughing at us because our OTP's not number 1. So? At least we know that our ship is real and we don't attack other shippers because we respect their opinions. We, IceFishies, are not just shippers, but we do believe in Haesica's love.

By the way, the website for the Haesica forum is blocked in our school. When they block websites, it means that a lot of people are going to those websites in our school. Just to make things simple, there are A LOT of IceFishies in our school :)

Keep the faith, IceFishies! The voyage of the IceFishies is ...more

The best couple ever

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11 MinYul (Minho & Yuri)

The best couple in K pop. Minyul are dancing king and queen. Their smile are same. Min hoo always take care yuri. Perfect matching.

It's only couple I really like... Two years and more that I follow this couple... And I believe 100% that they are real! They make me happy every times I see them together... Or talking, or touching each other, or staring each other... Or smiling... They are perfect!

They are so cute together. Sexy, smart and beauty couple.

They re so cute when together love them...

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12 Mr and Mrs Choi / Soowon (Siwon & Sooyoung)

Both are my bias and I know they would be a great couple. They have such great chemistry and you would just love watching them interact with each other. They haven't been interacting this past few months but when they do you will see sparks fly


With or without interactions, there is no denying that they are both very very very close with each other since predebut. They don't have to be real for us to ship and love them together. SooWon for the win!

My favorite.

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13 Changsoo Couple / Shikshin Couple (Changmin & Sooyoung)

Their face are similar. Changmin looks like sooyoung, so does sooyoung looks like changmin. It's because changsoo are meant to be! Kk
They also have many similarities. Go changsoo!

Forever shikshin couples

I don't know but when I see Changmin I will remember Sooyoung and vice versa. People said if the couple have similiar face then it means that they're really match for each other so... You already know what I mean, right?

I love them

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14 HunHan (Luhan and Sehun)

You can't deny them! The most "obvious" couple of all

They belong with each other... End

Luhan and Sehun is very good friends with each other


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15 LuYoon (Luhan & Yoona)

Luhan and Yoona looks perfect together. I love this 2 deers.

Their similarities is the best. You can see in luhan eyes when he' starring at yoona. I will wait for their moments more in the future. Keep believing in them <3 luyoon is the best couple ever

LuHan and YoonA is a pairing that complete each other. They are so different yet so similar. LuHan is always calm and composed while YoonA is always cheerfull and happy, but they have alligator laugh and both are the deers. They are Perfect for each other. LuYoon For The Live! Fawns For The Win!


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16 Kyuyoung Couple (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung)

Kyuyoung is REAL!
kyuyoung jjang!
Evil prince and Evil princess!

I love them & All their moment is so natural.. :) KYUYOUNG Jjang!
Knight will always support you.. :)

will always love them no matter what happened


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17 TaeStal (Taemin & Krystal)

Why we love taestal? Don't you think they're so happy when they stay with each other? Well, the youngest of the group, the face, the singer... And the program of taestal is perfect! Taemin is the most well-match boy to Krystal and Krystal is the most well-match girl to Taemin!

I think they are both happy when they stay together!

Taestal is better than minstal


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18 Taecyoon (Taecyeon & Yoona )

Beauty Yoona & beast Taecyeon chemistry is real. I love the couple so much & genuinely wish them to be real.

Taecyoon is the best couple in the whole universe! Their chemistry is so real. It's so obvious that they�'re liking each other. Love them. Shipping them so hard

I really feel strong about this pairing. There's something behind those look that they gave at each other. They are a perfect match. The chemistry between them is beyond perfect. I like Taecyeon for Yoona because I always feel like he can protect Yoona from everything. Yoona brings happiness to taecyeon, he'd smile differently whenever he's around her. They compliment each other. They are the colors black and white. Yoona is the color white innocent, pure, sweet and pleasant while Taecyeon is the color black strong and overwhelming. They mix well with each other that whenever they are together each brings out the best in one other without overpowering each other. So I really hope that they will have the opportunity to work together in a drama. Given the right material they're chemistry can manage to bring success in that drama. I believe they can be T.V. 's power couple.

I love you taecyoon couple you're the hots couple I want see you guys in a romantic drama please make my wish come true

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19 Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)

Trouble Maker, the best collaboration I have seen in my life! Although they are from the same company (Cube), but still no matter what, they are just so great! Hyuna is sexy, Hyunseung voice is great! Combine? Best GROUP!

The best duet group I have ever seen, Hyuna is so sexy with a good dancer like Hyunseung, I have loved them since they performed in MAMA with a kiss, so hot, they are look good together, may I say they are the best couple in K-pop

The best couple collaboration! Hyunseung is the best gentleman! Hyuna is the best lady!

They are perfect

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20 Hyohyuk (Hyoyeon & Eunhyuk)

Their moments are so sweet you want to scream at them to just announce that they are together. HYOHYUK IS REAL PEOPLE

They just being natural by take care of each other

I don't ship them because they're both the Dancing Machines of their groups but because of their moments which are very very very sweet and makes your heart go crazy (at leeast mine )~

They're awesome and perfect together

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