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1 Monday Couple (Song Ji Hyo & Gary)

A perfect couple, that are filming together Running Man.

I love monday couple

I Love Running Man

They look cute when they're together. The way Gary looks Ji Hyo is no word can express, like she the only and the one is his mind.

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2 MinSul (Minho & Sulli)

This couple is the best couple in the world! Because I never had this feeling that my heartbeat is racing! When I watch them I always feel that my heartbeat is beating fast! They are so perfect! I'm sorry to say this but I think Sulli is more better than Krystal for Minho!

They are REA! L MinSul is the BEST! I really believe in this couple! Their too obvious! I'm very sure both of them are in a relationship! Their personality complement each other! They make my heart giggle! Minsul is a perfect match! I LOVE THEM THEY ARE REAL! I TOTALLY BELIEVE IN THEM go and ship to them and you will realize that minsullians are RIGHT!

Really really really LOVE this couple! MINSUL JJANG! Keep your relationship Minsul. We believe you're real! All of your moments make all of us (Minsul Shipper) absolutely believe both of you have a special relationship!

I definitely believe that there two are real... If there is anything that TTBY did for them is the fact that they found each other. I believe Minho when he said that SUlli was only like a sister to him before TTBY but I think during the filming they really start knowing each other, with all their strengths and faults and more than ever, Minho, finally become less intimidating a more a human being to SUlli's eyes and I think it helped her like him more. The way these two treat each other is just so natural... They become so engrossed with each other that they forget everbody else. I love also love the fact that the "unreachable" and "comepetetive" Minho is putty in SUlli's hands. I think Minho would do and give everything to SUlli! Haha! He finally met her match! The icing in the cake for me was tehir conversation in Sulli's T.V. show, I know that some people are saying that it's for publicity only, but come one, who are you kidding really, the way SUlli moves in ...more

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3 Seohyun & Kyuhyun

Their duets are the best. Their voices go hand in hand and I won't even mention who, but that person's voice doesn't fit hers' as well as his.

The way they steal glance at each other :)
We are SM the best official... Unofficial couple - Kyuhyun

Cute manknae couple~ their personality almost look alike except the angel and the evil thingy

SeoKyu is real... *amin* if you look seokyu moment, you will found kyu looking seo with special looking... Like a boyfriend to her girlfriend & seo often smile to kyu, kyu also often give his special/nice smile to seo... And both of them also often looked at each other with a special look... And at the duet, when kyu stroked Seo's hair, his cheeks flushed! Omo... I can see why his cheeks flushed, cause I think he's nervous, because there is Seo was singing with him!

AND NO FOR KYU-others and SEO-others!

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4 KhunToria (Nickhun & Victoria)

They belong together

I think they completely fell for each other for real doing this show... Their chemistry seems so real than others

They suit each other.. An ideal man for vic and perfect ideal woman for khun

They are married! They born for each other. Always cheer for Khuntoria and will be like that forever.
Saranghae Khuntoria!

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5 Yongseo (Yonghwa & Seohyun)

Yongseo couple indeed! They are pure, sweet and lovely couple. They still contact each other and support each other as friend but who knows about future. Goguma fighting!

I hope yongseo is real and I can see both of them at same stage again

They give me the feeling of first love, so pure and innocent. Yet they are particular with everything from small things like seeing each other in same music programmes to even messaging and calling each other. They are the best couple trying to show their sincerity even though a fake programme, be it scripted or not. Some words, eyeships and actions could not be fake so easily. They are the only couple I watch again and again and still cry upon their separation. It just reflect to the audience how real they R. I believe many people do still watch the show. I miss them:(

I'm glad that their careers have blossomed so much both with their group and individually. I'm forever touched by their awkwardness, respect, care, and love/friendship towards each other. They are the only couple I know that spent more than a year of virtual marriage together, admitted they are still close friends after, and yet don't greet each other openly in public or on shows. Odd as it may seems, I hope they are just protecting whatever precious thing they have... Until they're ready (hopefully).

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6 SpartAce Couple (Jongkook & Jihyo)

They look so great together! They would also stand beside each other while waiting for something in running man! Go SpartAce!

<3 I just love how they fit each other, how JK looks at JH, with passion in his eyes!
They are just perfect, love how they standing next to each other, glance at each other
I hope they are a secret couple in the real life.

I love spartace couple! They great!

Spartace Couple? Definition of a perfect natural couple! Their interactions are pretty sweet and although they might not be "official" couple like MC, we still have awesome true Spartacers out here! One day, we'll prove that they are real couple! Live their unexpected hugs & laughter aww :3

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7 YoonHae (Yoona & Donghae)

This couple it's truly really! I'm so addicted to search about this couple :D they such a good perfect nice couple ever! I love the way they talk about their ideal type :) and their love it's hard to hidden. We are pyros happy to see they have a moment! Yoonhae jjang

They might not have so many moments in public, that's why they're known as the off-screen couple. But the off-screen moments are what people always wanting to see. What they have gone through all these times already proven how strong their love and they always come back to each other at the end. The Fireworks will never fade away, it will always be there, in their hearts and ours.

YoonHae has so much chemistry, Obviously not Onstage, Their Love is forbidden... Haha I mean think of all the Fangirls and Fanboys chasing After Donghae and Yoona. I've supported them since 2008, And I never doubted them, sure they don't have as many moments this year as they both had busy schedule Yoona with Love Rain & now Donghae with Miss Panda and Hedgehog. Yeah Hater's Gon' hate, but whatever... If you haven't seen all their moments then You're CRAZY

Men! Yoonhae is so real!
Kekeke! Well... It's just my precepts...
We fans are not in the right position to say that a couple is real or not, whether they are dating or not...
Because we are just fans...!
But we have our own rights to think of what pleases us...
And for me... YOONHAE really makes my day..
I don't care if you're saying that Haesica is real or what so ever,
But for me... YOONHAE looks so real..
Of course as an idol they need to make their relationship (if they have) to be secrets...
You know it's a destruction of image if they reveal that they had a relationship TO OTHER KPOP IDOLS especially IF THAT idol isn't your bias or you're an anti of it...

So for my final words...
I don't want fanwars
Well I do believe that there's something FISHY is going on between them
Just go to youtube and search for YOONHAE moments...
HAE even HUGGED YOONA backstage!
What's my point? Well notice it... He hugged yoong at the backstage! But ...more

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8 HaeSica (Donghae & Jessica)

HaeSica always have cute and hidden moment &, especially the moment when on kpop innew york they so cute and funny. And I think hey have secrt relation ship and jessica is donhae woman type because he sid thath he like a cold woman and everyone know that jessica is cold woman because iss called ice princess. Haesica jjang :)

We're realer than yoonhae okay I don't care but he cares a lot to jessica and he always want to play with my sica ~

As an IceFishy, I don't really care if Haesica's not the number 1 couple. Why? Because even if they're not the first in the ranking, I know that Haesica's love for each other is real. Just by seeing the way they look at each other, you're gonna know for sure that something's going on between these two. Plus, the qualities/traits that Donghae used to describe his ideal girl is definitely a give away. Those Yoonhae shippers that are laughing at us because our OTP's not number 1. So? At least we know that our ship is real and we don't attack other shippers because we respect their opinions. We, IceFishies, are not just shippers, but we do believe in Haesica's love.

By the way, the website for the Haesica forum is blocked in our school. When they block websites, it means that a lot of people are going to those websites in our school. Just to make things simple, there are A LOT of IceFishies in our school :)

Keep the faith, IceFishies! The voyage of the IceFishies is ...more

I don't care if yoonhae win... Because I know haesica is more real... Haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever

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9 MinYul (Minho & Yuri)

The best couple in K pop. Minyul are dancing king and queen. Their smile are same. Min hoo always take care yuri. Perfect matching.

It's only couple I really like... Two years and more that I follow this couple... And I believe 100% that they are real! They make me happy every times I see them together... Or talking, or touching each other, or staring each other... Or smiling... They are perfect!

They are so cute together. Sexy, smart and beauty couple.

They're real, definitely. Why can you see their moment, the gaze... The skinship... It's definitely real! MINYUL JJANG! Always hoping a press conference for Minyul real relationship~

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10 Mr and Mrs Choi / Soowon (Siwon & Sooyoung)

Both are my bias and I know they would be a great couple. They have such great chemistry and you would just love watching them interact with each other. They haven't been interacting this past few months but when they do you will see sparks fly


With or without interactions, there is no denying that they are both very very very close with each other since predebut. They don't have to be real for us to ship and love them together. SooWon for the win!

I love the relationship between them. They're not dating (obviously cause they're both choi) but that's why they can show their 'siblings' relationship to everyone. Cause they'll never date. And I wish they'll never date cause this kind of relationship is the one that probably will last forever :) you know I just LOVE the way siwon always be the one who's flirting' with sooyoung it's so cute

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11 Changsoo Couple / Shikshin Couple (Changmin & Sooyoung)

Their face are similar. Changmin looks like sooyoung, so does sooyoung looks like changmin. It's because changsoo are meant to be! Kk
They also have many similarities. Go changsoo!

Forever shikshin couples

I don't know but when I see Changmin I will remember Sooyoung and vice versa. People said if the couple have similiar face then it means that they're really match for each other so... You already know what I mean, right?

... They're... I don't know To be very honest, they look hot together plus, I think Sooyoung's really the only girl who looks mature enough and has the right personality (and height) to match Changmin. I don't know... They just look really good together... And their age differences I think is kinda perfect x) it fits...

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12 HunHan (Luhan and Sehun)

You can't deny them! The most "obvious" couple of all

They belong with each other... End

Luhan and Sehun is very good friends with each other

They are not just bestfriends!
They are Real!
I bet they have been secretly dating.

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13 LuYoon (Luhan & Yoona)

Luhan and Yoona looks perfect together. I love this 2 deers.

Their similarities is the best. You can see in luhan eyes when he' starring at yoona. I will wait for their moments more in the future. Keep believing in them <3 luyoon is the best couple ever

LuHan and YoonA is a pairing that complete each other. They are so different yet so similar. LuHan is always calm and composed while YoonA is always cheerfull and happy, but they have alligator laugh and both are the deers. They are Perfect for each other. LuYoon For The Live! Fawns For The Win!

Luhan and Yoona are just that special together. They might have opposite personalities but they have a bunch of similarities too. We just all gotta catch them together as much as their special moments! The two deers! ~ LuYoon for the win

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14 TaeStal (Taemin & Krystal)

Why we love taestal? Don't you think they're so happy when they stay with each other? Well, the youngest of the group, the face, the singer... And the program of taestal is perfect! Taemin is the most well-match boy to Krystal and Krystal is the most well-match girl to Taemin!

I think they are both happy when they stay together!

Taestal is better than minstal

Taestal is real lover! They are so sweet!

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15 Taecyoon (Taecyeon & Yoona )

Beauty Yoona & beast Taecyeon chemistry is real. I love the couple so much & genuinely wish them to be real.

Taecyoon is the best couple in the whole universe! Their chemistry is so real. It's so obvious that they�'re liking each other. Love them. Shipping them so hard

I really feel strong about this pairing. There's something behind those look that they gave at each other. They are a perfect match. The chemistry between them is beyond perfect. I like Taecyeon for Yoona because I always feel like he can protect Yoona from everything. Yoona brings happiness to taecyeon, he'd smile differently whenever he's around her. They compliment each other. They are the colors black and white. Yoona is the color white innocent, pure, sweet and pleasant while Taecyeon is the color black strong and overwhelming. They mix well with each other that whenever they are together each brings out the best in one other without overpowering each other. So I really hope that they will have the opportunity to work together in a drama. Given the right material they're chemistry can manage to bring success in that drama. I believe they can be T.V. 's power couple.

I miss this couple. Amongst the boys that were linked to Yoona, Taecyeon seems to be real. Their personalities and appearance compliments each other. They can make a good on-screen couple and it would be great if they can be a real couple.

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16 Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)

Trouble Maker, the best collaboration I have seen in my life! Although they are from the same company (Cube), but still no matter what, they are just so great! Hyuna is sexy, Hyunseung voice is great! Combine? Best GROUP!

The best duet group I have ever seen, Hyuna is so sexy with a good dancer like Hyunseung, I have loved them since they performed in MAMA with a kiss, so hot, they are look good together, may I say they are the best couple in K-pop

The best couple collaboration! Hyunseung is the best gentleman! Hyuna is the best lady!

They are very hard and really great. I very love this group and love everyone in this group. Their songs and dance all the best. I think if they not successful then there is no successful in the world. If they not best, who is the best? Come on! Trouble Maker.

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17 Daragon (Dara & G-Dragon)

They are real. I love to see them together. They're just belong together!

I like them because they are real... I'm sure... And they are very so much compatible to each other... And I am a certified daragon

Daragon is REAL... Hengso~~~

They are real that is enough for me to like them... But it's not just that... They compliment each other, almost looking like twins, when they're together you can just feel the chemistry, it seems like they glow more when they are together. And if you just really observe their facial expressions, even just a glance at the other you know that they adore, love and cherish that person... DaraGon is Real! Hengsho!

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18 Hyohyuk (Hyoyeon & Eunhyuk)

Their moments are so sweet you want to scream at them to just announce that they are together. HYOHYUK IS REAL PEOPLE

They just being natural by take care of each other

I don't ship them because they're both the Dancing Machines of their groups but because of their moments which are very very very sweet and makes your heart go crazy (at leeast mine )~

If you watch some of the videos on YouTube, it will be clear that they do care for each other! It's impossible to miss that. Their moments are so cute! You just want them to come out and shout it to the word!

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19 Adam Couple (JoKwon & GaIn)

This couple is phenomenon in WGM..They deserves more votes 💜

20 TaeTeuk (Leeteuk & Taeyeon)

They are a perfect match.
Look each of them are the same leader and they're one of the best leader around the world! Love this couple so so so so much!

I love this couple they are so perfect for each other why are they in 26 place anyway they're suppose to be in 1st leeteuk and taeyeon

Any fact that support TaeTeuk is real!

I've always loved them together! He's wild and outgoing but she's quiet and shy. Opposites attract?

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21 Aegyo Couple (Sunny & Sungmin)

Please vote for aegyo couple. I love aegyo couple

I love aegyo couple ♥

I love sunsun couple. Please vote them. :(
The aegyo couple.

Too cute! Can't resist them~!

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22 SiFany (Siwon & Tiffany)

They're a fantastic couple, so sweet, they're perfect together. Two shy people who love to joke with each other without problems :)

I'm hardcore prophets. I see the connection between them. The moment when tiffany feel lonely when siwon wasn't near. GOD NUMBER ONE COUPLE IS THE BEST!

Love them please watch their moment together and vote them

How could people not love SiFany? Bubbly-going-to-be-a-mature Tiffany with A-serious-already-mature Siwon whose days will surely brighter with someone brighter than jewel beside him!

you should watch their moments and find out yourself how they really match. Besides, both are devoted Christians, they fit each other and will spread so many positive things to the world!

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23 Milky Couple (Wooyoung & IU)

Cute couple! They're both have cute faces!
They're perfect couple in the drama, and I'm sure they can be a great couple in reality

They're so cute together. Jang Wooyoung the best in dancing while Iu is the best in singing. Wow, perfect match for a couple. I hope they will appear 'Someday' in WGM :) so they can develop more feeling towards each other. If that happens, I will be the happiest person living in the world. I know it's sound exagerated but It's true.

I wish wooyoung and iu are in we got married!
It will be very cute sweet and romantic for both of them

They are like the cutest couple ever. So sad to see that they got less closed because of anti-fans

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24 Jokwon & Gain

They're just so real, adam hwaiting!

Ranked 34? How is this possible? They're the most popular We Got Married couple around!

I don't think my couple in here, level 35 @@ they re real. Are you kidding me?

The way they interact just screams that they are more than friends. So much chemistry. And I feel as if they compliment each other near perfect. Both accepted the shortcomings of the other before from their solid base as friends before WGM and growing closer in a more romantic sense.

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25 TaeNy (Taeyeon & Tiffany)

TaeNy is more than REAL! No more reason to say because their love for each other is enough!

Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL

TaeNy is real! Taeyeon is belong to tiffany... Their friendship is strong and taeyeon is unhappy to see tiffany's kissing scene it's mean she is jealous

They are real, just that is enough, you don't need anything more than to just look at their faces and see that they love each other.
Taeny is love.

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26 Changmin & Seohyun

Because they are cute together. And also both of them is my bias. I hope they can be together in real

I think they are suitable with each other :D

Always my number 1 couple

Every time I see them together I just think to myself: "This is what the word perfection was made for. "
Get married you two!

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27 Kyuyoung Couple (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung)

Kyuyoung is REAL!
kyuyoung jjang!
Evil prince and Evil princess!

I love them & All their moment is so natural.. :) KYUYOUNG Jjang!
Knight will always support you.. :)

will always love them no matter what happened

If we have to compare this pairing with SeoKyu, this pairing would seemed ridiculous. When Seokyu interaction is as obvious as it could be, the interaction between them is just because SM loves to pair them up. Unlike Seokyu, Kyuhyun and Sooyoung may lack in interaction but when they had one, it's just too precious like when kyu calls chunji and the 'i love you, you love me' stuff, not to mention their lovely conversation in SM photo-shoot. Besides that, who else could be perfect for our evil maknae? Of course the evil shiksin

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28 EunHae (Eunhyuk & Donghae)

100% true! All know about this :D

I have nothing to say about this except this is REAL. No fanservice.

They're more REAL than #2 -____-

Laugh out loud why is this not number one? The only couple in the list whose love has lasted over 10 years. Despite all they had gone through and to stay true to one another. People who think their affection is fanservice I'll ask you, would you do ALL they've done with each other with your best friend? And not be awkward at all and continue to do so for so many years? I think not. Their love is real and it's pure. It's inspirational.

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29 Taeun (Taemin & Naeun)

Love this Couple! Feel they really do have fellings for each other. See a future for them hopefully after the show too.

Taemin and Naeun! Haters gonna hate but then I love them:)
I could really feel the love by taemin

Taemin and Naeun fighting, I will love your forever, we can feel the happiness when your stay together, believe yourselves, your will be better!

TaEun is the real thing!

TaEun forever!

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30 Lunew (Onew & Luna)

Sweetest couple in the world! Lunew is perfect. Their duets during SM Town are the cutest, and you can see by the way Onew looks in Luna's eyes that he cares for her, and it's more than friendship. It's something special, something more.
I will be a Lunew shipper forever and always <3 Please support this lovely f (SHINee) pairing!

They are so cute together
They look at each other like if they love each other
Onew takes care of her so much

Their chemistry just awesome

They all have good voice and they are in the same company so the relationship is very good I also see a lot of them in variety and the photos And it's worthy If they would be together, will be very worthy So I think they are worthy So I think they are the best best K-pop couple!

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31 Hyuksoo Couple (Eunhyuk & Sooyoung)

They look always having fun when they're together, they could be variety couple

They are just asfjasfdsfñksdlfsjgdf. They are perfect together, seriously, I love them

32 MinSeo (Minho & Seohyun)

Once Minho chose seohyun as his ideal type. They look like sweet and playful high school lovers

33 Alien Couple (TOP/BOM)

They are really perfect. Alien Couple is the best! Park Bom has a cute personality & TOP has that too. They like to tease each other. Ahh how cute. It would be awesome if they are together.


I would love to see how gorgeous their babies are

I don't know what to say. I just wanna say, they are really perfect. It would be awesome if they are together.

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34 Yoona & Jang Keun Suk

They are the most attractive couple... And very good chemistry together!

Prince Jang Geun Suk and Princess Yoona are the best couple!
They look like real couple!
I Love them!

YOONSUK couple fighting... They are belong together and they will make a very beautifull couple... Love is on the air..

They have the best chemistry! A very nice example of a perfect couple! Their T.V. show "Love Rain" shows that they're not only acting, but they're in real life, because they are very comfortable with each other and is taking good care with each other. They're closeness seems that they are really more than friends.. I'm hoping that they are in real life.. I'm wishing that would have many movies and shows together! :)) YoonSuk Forever

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35 Keyber (Key & Amber)

Amber Said that she and key are intressted in fashion art and that they has the similar dance style so they practice together wish means they spend more time together. All we know that amber loves basketball so let's just take the two moment when key in "Replay" song was playing basketball and in "kiss note" too.
And if we take his ideal type as example the most important thing was that he don't wanna a girly girl and in k-pop I'm pretty sure that amber is the only girl that is not girly and don't like to act cute. There is a pic of key and amber in show champion key was looking at amber in so sweet way with a small smile on his face I show it to my friend who don't single think about k-pop and asked what she think about it she answered " I think he loves her " I showed it to many friends after that and all they said the same even my MOM. So don't you guys think it's good reason to that keyber is real seriously they even wear same cloth! We all know that

Sometimes it might seem like they are ignoring each other but we can see their moments together. Key and Amber are always happy together. 2012 gayo daejun, Amber ran to Key at the ending. The way Key holds Amber hands is totally different as compared to him holding Onew on his right. The tight and loose grips differentiate it! This year 2013, Gayo Daejun featured f (SHINee) and once again our KeyBer is back, singing rocketeer and my first kiss together when MinSul is not around. Through various SMTowns, we can also see their moments. Airport to stage, on and off stage, they are still as close. In fact they have lots of things in common. From being september babies to having the same blood group, being the rapper/vocal in their respective groups and of course having same clothing style ever since debut. No Keyber fan would forget about the BabyBoo LizardMouse and CConfetti!

They both are interesting in fashion and art
Amber said that key take care of her
They has the same dance style and all people know that they share same cloth
Even if there is krisber and henber but key is way better
They that charisma cute and funny when they together
And for you who don't know amber is key's female version

They're interesting when it comes to fashion. I see them as the most fashionable member of their respective groups. They show a lot of chemistry. Key has a feminine touch while Amber has that boyish side which makes them a cute couple. They are both great at rapping & dancing. They also share the same trait on being a sister/brother on f (x) & being an Omma on SHiNee~

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36 TaeLli (Taemin & Sulli)

Not many people ship this pretty couple even with all their moments, but then again a quality ship only deserves quality shippers

I love this pair because they are my bias and look cute together :3

For me, being all observant and all, I think this is the best ship ever. Have you ever noticed them interact so much? No, right? That's because everything related to them seems so mysterious, and SM keeps on trying their very best to separate the two, suspicious right? Search it all up, so that you'll know what I mean~ ok? Anyway, TAELLI FIGHTING! ^^

They're perfect for one another I love seeing their history they have together and I wish it was still the same but sadly they haven't had any interactions. But during events they still are obvious with the glancing at each other. TAELLI IS PERFECT!

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37 Minstal (Minho & Krystal)

This is my favorite K-pop couple. I love them since I have been watched Dream Team. The two sporty people came together were perfect. Hope they have more couple's activities and events.

My favorite couple. Why? Because just watching their moment always make me smile

Minho to krystal took care of in the show.

My favorite couple ever. Every time I watched their moment, I just think that they have to be together. They are both sporty and caring each other.

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38 Onsica (Onew & Jessica)

One year later
They're so fantastic!

When they sang their duet together they had chemistry and they look so cute together.! ^^ It may not be that they are going out but when they sing together there is something...

Jessica was going to 'kiss' Onew at the end of OYL performance, but he pulled her in for a hug
Onew went up to hug Taeyeon and Jessica on their waists
Onew ate a cucumber for Jessica, despite his allergies to it
Onew gave Jessica his hot pack when she was cold
Onew was going to catch Jessica when she tripped
They whispered something to each other during SMTOWN press conference that we'll never know about

Onew's Ideal type:
- Foreign girl
- Nice fingers and nails
- Nice long, flowy hair

Jessica's ideal type:
- Nice guy, fits with his image
- Takes care of her
- Smart
- Blood type O

No doubt, they had chemistry

They are complete each other - perfect (،♥‿♥،)
Jessica always give compliment to onew and
onew always give a warm feel to jessica
yeah, go OnSica

39 YeYoon (Yesung & Yoona)

They look cute together..

40 Luseo (Luhan & Seohyun)

For real though, pretty sure they both dated back then!

I think LuSeo will be real

The perfect couple is Luyoon!


The most Cutest Couple

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41 BumSso (Kim Bum & Kim So Eun)

I am so glad with this couple also, I really hope that they can meet again in the same drama. Even the drama is not the boys before flowers anymore. I don't know how this will happen. Should us make an asian voting for this couple. Is there anyone can help this matter happen? I hope so...

They are really cute...
Kim Bum and So eun is the best couple =))
I love them!
There are many fact about them...
Always love this couple

Kim bum and kim so eun perfect couple

More than this couple

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42 JongSica (Jonghyun & Jessica)

Jongsica has way too many moments, of course other jonghyun or jessica pairings have heaps but the way they look at eachother is so different, they even held hands!

Jongsica is so adorable! I really hope they get together someday! ~

I really really love JongSica. They are a best couple in the world. Please ship them

JongSica is the best! They're more real than JongHyun and SeKyung before laugh out loud! There is something really going on with them...

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43 Skydragon (GD & CL)

It's not about wearing nor sharing the same things. Not just in their show (concerts, reality show, attend on formal agenda), but they showing how they spent their time together with posting it on instagram, or just mentioning each other in their activities

I love them because every moment they are together they make it seems like the world revolves around them... Love these two with all my heart... They make the impossible possible..

Not if they are couple or are really friends, but their chemistry is so natural, showing how close they are and do not care, what others say, it fit perfectly, I really like that they are in a relationship would be perfect!..!

It's not about having the same appearance with one another and it's not about the same things.. It's about the chemistry that they share with each other both on and off stage..

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44 Hunstal (Sehun & Krystal)

They were the forever maknaes of SM. They are both 17, and, when you look at them, you always feel like they're perfect for each other. Besides the photoshoot, they always eye each other. They're the Eternally Maknae Couple and I'm an Eternal (is that how Hunstal fans are called, right? ). I just look at them and I feel like they're so perfect for each other... I feel like they're SM's best couple of something, along with others I ship so hard. They're both cute and super-talented and they are part of my bias is both EXO and F(x). I feel like they're meant to be.

I think the y be a wonderful couple

They are wonderful couple

They are very good, is a pair of lovers, the best care of them, in the SM, the only than sehun small artist's show crystal.

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45 SooKris (Sooyoung & Kris)

I super love them together ;O even if they haven't have any interactions OmO
I just so love these 2, they look so perfect together
Tallest and Hottest of their groups ;O
Ninjas for the win!

My SooKris! I hope all of you will vote for SooKris

If people pass them by, they missed lot of things! SOOKRIS makes you wild :D I can't get enough of them. I really wish they would be together, for reals :P

Both are my bias in snsd and exo, so I'll support them!

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46 HyunZy (Soo Hyun & SuZy)

Love hyunzy! They are perfect! I command that bring them to top 10! :/ please... You know without Korea or kpop I can't live so please. I love hyunzy! I command! Top 10! Top 10 top 10 bring them to top 10!

Except so Huyn, I will not accept anyone who are couple with Suzy

Don't be mad, but I think HyunZy Couple could be at the Top 10 Best K pop Couple, because they both pretty good looking together. HyunZy Fighting! I Love This Couple So Much, So Bring Them at the Top 10, Especially "Top 1"

Love hyunzy ^^. I hope in future they have another project together.

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47 Wootae (Wooyoung & Taeyeon)

Win Win + Gayo Daejun. Enough said.

I love them! Wootae is perfect! Wait to see them together again!

I really love wootae because they are so cute and funny

48 Yulsung / Yesyul / Yeri / Yy (Yesung & Yuri)

Yulsung YesYul Forever♥
NO BASH FOR yon and Yesung SHIPPER

The real couple super generation
No bashing for non imperfectionist

Real couple Super Generation ^^
Please no bash for YeYoon YeYoung (etc) shipper
Thanks for no Bashing^^

49 YoonKai (Yoona & Kai)

I love them... The way Kai look at Yoona is just something! Seriously... Kai always glance at her.

I think they're actually really compatible. So what if YoonA's older? The two dance so well together and they're both so charismatic. Plus, they are both GORGEOUS. People, imagine what their kids would look like! (I think I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here) Beautiful couple.

They look great together

#Luyoon Forever

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50 ExoYoong (EXO and Yoona)

I say that exo's relationship is strong for yoona they always support her exoyoong

That's right!

#Alright rocking' Roll to the world

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