HaeSica (Donghae & Jessica)


I don't care if yoonhae win... Because I know haesica is more real... Haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever

They're so real to be honest. I can only ship Yoona with Kibum. And, to think that Donghae is her partner? No thanks. I tried to like the YoonHae couple but it doesn't appeal to me just like HaeSica. YoonHae is just an oppa-dongsaeng relationship. HaeSica? It's more.. Mature. Look up on youtube at their moments. You'll be instantly hooked onto their couple thing. One time, suju members said donghae's ideal type are girls who have pretty eyes and beautiful forehead, obviously it's Yoona's characteristics, yet, he denied it. He said, "I like cold women, really! " with his hands, raised. IceFishies forever! I support YoonBum though.

Because they are so perfect to each other... And you can tell that they have a special relationship.. How donghae looks at Jessica.. And how Sica look at Donghae... I mean you can tell right away.. And they have chemistry.. That is why I like this couple.. Not just like but loved... Well I have seen in youtube that donghae just like yoona like a little sister... Donghae had already said in the interview that he likes cold person.. And that's so obvious he likes sica... I just love HAESICA...

I don't care a damn thing about what YoonHae or any Hae+(name of your OTP with him) shippers say about HaeSica, or if my OTP loses in this poll, because what's the point? Everyone has their own opinions! If you like YoonHae then so be it! I respect what your opinions are, people. If you think Yoona is a better pair with Donghae, because 'they look so cute together' or because 'they have unique chemistry'. I'm a HaeSica shipper, and obviously not a YoonHae shipper, just want to share my opinion and clarify things to everyone here. You see your OTP as the best and nothing else, and that's why I vote for HaeSica. If you say YoonHae is so real, or Hae Sica is so real, well that's how you see them. But still HAESICA jjang! :> And I support my fellow icefishies, and may the best couple win.

Nowadays I'm starting to like Jessica. But when I saw Jessica & Donghae moments. It was totally real! But WAY more than just real. I don't care if they're first or not but what I care is that they had so many interactions and cute moments together. I don't care for people who ships and say 'Yoonhae is real! '. That's fine but to me Haesica is definitely real!. They know each other since trainee and they still ARE together!. Haesica jjang!. I'm proud to be a new IceFishy!.

Donghae is clearly much closer to Jessica since he calls her to come over the SUJU's dorm when he is bored or just to attack his Heechul hyung... Also heechul has been giving some hints that Haesica is real since he is also a Heasica shipper...

HaeSica is the best and they were real in the beginning they're realer now! Those cute hidden moments they have are always so cute :) plus that twitter picture that Donghae posted EVEN CUTER and HAESICA IS THE BEST!

Donghae always sees toons as a younger sister, in fact, he treats sica like his girl, they know each other just do well, and from their interactions, you can just clearly see the love between the Haesica couple

HaeSica is more than real, the rumor about they have a secret relationship is probably true, some people closer to SM talk about this, Donghae and Jessica spend their time in practice room ALONE! And you know, SM now accept relationships in their company so... Yoona and Donghae look like friends, but HaeSica definitely look like real couple, saranghaeyo Haesica! Fighting!
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They are real. they are much more higher than the top 1. winning this poll aren't actually worth it for we know haesica's really real. yoonhae has a large fanbase so that's why they're winning; icefishies' fanbase are just enough. fighting haesica! Icefishies will always be with you no matter what.

Haesica is REAL. Donghae always secretly glanced at Jessica. They dated in the past too. I guess they are still dating and they are slowing making their comeback. I love their moment in Korea China Music Festival.

Judging from their cyworld conversations in 2004. Their moments, selcas, and the way they stare at each other they are so damn cute! Think about it if yoonhae is real why would they show to a lot of people about their 'moments' when they know that they are prohibited to date. If you think about it haesica doesn't have always a moment but when they have it's explosive. If yoonhae is real why would they show it off when they know they'll gain antis. Just saying. Haesica is more realistic and have an impact to me. =)

Haesica is more real than yoonhae. As Icefishy, I always like and love Haesica!
Come on Icefishy, vote for our haesica!
They're REAL than the other couple!

For me Donghae love sica and sica to love donghae but they not believe with they hearth so they run but they meet again..
tomorrow or I think someday Haesica will be together

Haesica is much realer.. Wanna know why?... Have you noticed when snsd, suju or some other k-pop idols are around donghae is quiet or has a shy look... But when there is only the suju members and jessica, he is so playful... Just like the moment in the airport! Have you seen it.. Jessica slapped donghae in her shoulder because donghae had done something... Hihhihihihi... And that time the other kpop idols is around roaming... :) If you are not a haesica fan you can't get it...

HaeSica is just so cute! Ice Fishies are loyal~ HaeSica has had interactions for 7 years. Even during trainee. Donghae's ideal girl had changed to Jessica's description. Even though HaeSica went through an awkward phase Ice Fishies didn't give up and now we are getting the lovely interactions again. The are playful and cute, the way they look at each other, the way they smile it's love.

HaeSica. Past to future. I can't say that they've really had past romantic relationship, but I can assure everyone that these two, Lee Donghae & Jessica Jung, has a couple-potential. Seeing their cute hate-love conversations before Jessica's debut on cyworld and their interaction on music events/show and their selca/s is just so convincing, that even if they didn't able to 'develop' the relationship that they had before or they can't be together right now, there is DEFINITELY a time for them in the future. So, don't worry ICE FISHIES~ LET'S JUST KEEP ON BELIEVING ON OUR BELOVED HAESICA. Just always remember, THEY HAVE A HISTORY!

They are SO REAL! You can tell from the way they look at each other that they like each other! Donghae even said that his ideal type wad a cold woman! And Jessica isn't called the ice princess for nothing!

Haesica are always real, I love when jessica's eyes and donghae's eyes met.. And I think they have secret relationship, when jessica smile at donghae its seems so lovable, I love haesica

HaeSica in my opinion very match because from the faces I see there are a lot of similarity, not only the faces from the talent I think HaeSica is the most match couple for me.. :D

Perfect couple ever! They must get married! :D

I love icefishies! I see their little moments and their so cute! And since they were close back then, I think they can be more than friends in the future :) I think donghae only sees yoona as a little sister or just does it for fan service

HaeSica is real! No matter yoonhae shipper say haesica is not real, but to IceFishy, Haesica is real

Haesica is real than real, they look good if together, and they have many moment, and I think all moment is real, so I think haesica is real than real,

They're dating in real life! Their past has spoken the truth about their past relationship.
HaeSica is realer than any other pairing.