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181 YongZy (YongHwa & Suzy)
182 Ontoria (Onew & Victoria)
183 Kwang_Yuri (Kwang Soo & Yuri)

Kwang so like Yuri very much and they look sweet when they be a couple in Running Man.

184 Minhye (Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye)

They are real couple. So cute.

185 KyungSeo (D.O & Seohyun)
186 Chanseo (Chanyeol & Seohyun)
187 KyungYoon (D.O and Yoona)
188 ChanYoong (Chanyeol and Yoona)
189 SuFany (Suho / Tiffany)
190 KaiYul (Kai /Yuri)
191 DaeRi (Daesung & Minzy)
192 LuYul (Luhan & Yuri)
193 Khunhee (Nichkhun & Sohee)
194 Kristal (Kris & Krystal)

Their names are similar 'Kris' and 'Krys' and they both are beautiful

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195 Yulhae (Yuri & Donghae)

Donghae and Yuri are both 2nd main dancers of their groups!
Donghae called Yuri over just to tell her she was a goddess and how she overshadows them.

They are cute couple, I hope they will married soon,2nd Dancing machine couple, I love them so much, I hope they are real, Amin,

I love this couple! I know YoonHae fans or HaeSica were more Moments but if you watch Yulhae moments their are something special! OCEAN DEEP LOVE! MICKY MOUSE AND MINNIE MOUSE!

No special words to describe their closeness. They're real, for sure, no doubt, at all.

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196 MyungZy (Myungsoo & Suzy)

I love them, because they are my destiny, in my eyes, they are the most perfect, ideal type myungsoo is Suzy this pure girl, while Suzy like single eyelids, smile is very good-looking boy. So, they are each other's fate!

They are a perfect match

They are meant for each other.

They are perfect and real couple, when myungsoo express hie feeling about suzy, we know his love for suzy, when he can't help but stare at suzy, we konw this can't lie to anyone, when he always nervous and excited just for have the chance close to suzy, I know they should live together forever!

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197 Chanlli (Chanyeol & Sulli)

Two beautiful and cute giant babies

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198 HunLli (Sehun & Sulli) V 2 Comments
199 TaengSic (TaeYeon & Jessica)
200 SWAG (Siwon & Agnes Monica)

I think they are perfect couple, I think..
Love 'em so much

Because they are perfect couple

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