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241 BangSong (Yongguk & Jieun)

They sang Going Crazy together and grabbed everyone's attention. Yongguk always seems to be next to Jieun in many pictures.

242 Lustal (Luhan & Krystal)
243 ChunZy (ChunJi / Chanhee & Suzy)
244 BaekZy (Baekhyun & Suzy)

I hope they are together.

I hope they are fall in love

I hope they are together too

245 SuByung (Sunny & Hyomin)
246 MinYeon (JiYeon & HyoMin) V 1 Comment
247 TaeKai (Taemin & Kai)

I don't know it's just so cute

248 YeWook (Yesung & Ryeowook)
249 HoonMi (Ilhoon & Bomi)

They are so cute ilhoon is cute and manly boomi is cute and sexy in weekly idol I can't stop watching them they are both silly and crazy but lovely and funny I ship them so much they are close and have this weekly show together wich makes me happy because I love them

Kyaah! I love this couple really! I got interested in watching weekly idol because of them! HoonMi Fighting!

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250 OnKey (Onew & Key)
251 Chandara Park (Chanyeol & Sandara)

Known as Vitamin Couple, November Couple, and Happy Virus Couple. Their are many fans of ChanDara because they are cute couple. They are meant to be for me because even they are not in the same entertainment they always have couple things. Many fans of ChanDara are shipping them because they always have the same clothing, accesories and also they have the same passport holder. They also have rumor that Sandara is the wallpaper of Chanyeol on his cellphone and it is proven by the fans that get a pic on Chanyeol using his phone. Look also how Chanyeol eyeing Sandara on MAMA awards in different years. And Chanyeol always like to sit beside of Sandara if they have the same Awards attending. Many also of fans react when Sandara like a photo about ChanDara on Instagram. So I think Sandara like also the fandom of ChanDara. And I was thinking if Chanyeol also check his gadgets for the videos of ChanDara on different Awards and also the similar things they have. I wish that they can be on We ...more

Love this I really do they are perfect for each other

They are real, well for me. Chanyeol is the biggest fanboy of Sandara Park. ^^ I love them~

252 SuU (Suho & IU)

Suho was her loyal fans, very like to listen to her songs. Some fans of rice video can be seen, they very love, especially to IU, ha ha, like the two of them!

Suho stare at IU many times in fancam, I think suho likes IU very much~

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253 SeU (Sehun & IU)
254 BaekU (Baekhyun & IU)
255 ChanU (Chanyeol & IU)
256 Myungyeon (Myungsoo & Jiyeon)

They're so similar and they would be the perfect couple! They would make the most beautiful babies to be honest

They're both have split personality in which on stage they seem to be so cold yet in off cam they're sweet and so cute and they're so good- looking couple and their both VISUALS! Hwaiting! GO MYUNGYEON

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257 Nyongtory (G-Dragon & Seungri)

This couple just more than a definition of a real relationship.

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258 JaeStal

Krystal and Ahn Jae Hyun were in a photo shoot for Puma and they really looked cute and the age difference wasnt to obvious they really match each other.

259 JimHope (Jimin and J-Hope) V 2 Comments
260 MinRene (Mino & Irene)
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