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261 Yoosu (Yoochun & Junsu)

Most Cute and Sexy Couple of Kpop

262 Taechun (Taecyeon & Nichun)
263 ChanSoo (Chanyeol & Sooyoung)
264 DaeSeo (SeoHyun & DaeHyun)

The way DaeHyun stared at SeoHyyn with his mouth open during Gayo DaeJaeJun is unbelievably obvious

265 Badeul (Baro & Sandeul)
266 Zizy (Zico & Suzy)

They are very charisma &perfect &match.

267 MinZy (Minho & Suzy)
268 HyungZy (JunHyung & Suzy)
269 KangBae (KangJiYoung & Bae Suzy)
270 ChanZy (Chanyeol & Suzy)

I really really love this couple. I hope they are together!

V 1 Comment
271 JoonZy (LeeJoon & Suzy)
272 KwangZy (GiKwang & Suzy)
273 SuSu (Suho & Suzy)

Main vocalists of exo and miss a! So Perfect together!

274 Kris & Lay

Their relationship is very good, I hope they can always like this

275 JaeNana (Jaejoong & Nana)

Even though they're a crackship, they're beautiful! Jaejoong and Nana both have flawless visuals and would make good babies. They give off a dark romance vibe.

276 Baekhyun & Jung Eunji V 1 Comment
277 Baby Couple (Minhyuk & Krystal)

I didn't watch the heirs, but I've seen a couple of clips and read an article about Minhyuk blushing over Krystal, so, I ship.

278 G-Tae (G-Dragon & Taeyeon)
279 Sunsky Couple (Taeyang & CL)

They are reAlly nice together. Cl's fierce personality and taeyang's soft spoken side. But when they are on stage, both of them show so much passion for their career. Their personalities are different but like the sun and sky, it compliments the other

280 VinYeon (Kevin & Jiyeon)

I Love Kevin Woo And Park Jiyeon Very Much...!
I Love VinYeon Forever

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