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261 Yoosu (Yoochun & Junsu)

Most Cute and Sexy Couple of Kpop

262 Taechun (Taecyeon & Nichun)
263 ChanSoo (Chanyeol & Sooyoung)
264 DaeSeo (SeoHyun & DaeHyun)

The way DaeHyun stared at SeoHyyn with his mouth open during Gayo DaeJaeJun is unbelievably obvious

265 Badeul (Baro & Sandeul)
266 Zizy (Zico & Suzy)

They are very charisma &perfect &match.

267 MinZy (Minho & Suzy)
268 HyungZy (JunHyung & Suzy)
269 KangBae (KangJiYoung & Bae Suzy)
270 ChanZy (Chanyeol & Suzy)

I really really love this couple. I hope they are together!

V 1 Comment
271 JoonZy (LeeJoon & Suzy)
272 KwangZy (GiKwang & Suzy)
273 SuSu (Suho & Suzy)

Main vocalists of exo and miss a! So Perfect together!

274 Kris & Lay

Their relationship is very good, I hope they can always like this

275 JaeNana (Jaejoong & Nana)

Even though they're a crackship, they're beautiful! Jaejoong and Nana both have flawless visuals and would make good babies. They give off a dark romance vibe.

276 Baekhyun & Jung Eunji V 1 Comment
277 Baby Couple (Minhyuk & Krystal)

I didn't watch the heirs, but I've seen a couple of clips and read an article about Minhyuk blushing over Krystal, so, I ship.

278 G-Tae (G-Dragon & Taeyeon)
279 VinYeon (Kevin & Jiyeon)

I Love Kevin Woo And Park Jiyeon Very Much...!
I Love VinYeon Forever

280 JRen (JR & Ren)
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