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301 YeYu (Yesung & Ayu)
302 Haesun / Sunhae (Donghae & Sunny)
303 Sunkyu / Kyusun (Kyuhyun & Sunny)

They are really cute and funny. Especially when in the musical, "Catch me if you can". They are really compact. Please vote them. (Y)

304 SeKai (Sehun & Kai)

Sehun and Kai are cute maknaes. They are real! Keep loving them guys

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305 Seungbom (Seungri & Park Bom)
306 Krisber (Kris & Amber)

YEP. I'm sorry but I love them both. They are different and looks legit. At least as on what I see when other people talk about them both or when Kris looks at Amber.

Yep. They both got swag. I don't know but I like the way they both react when other people talk about each other. It's plain cute. Really, really cute.

I love them, they are both Chinese and both can speak Chinese and English, they are both my love

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307 JongStal (Krystal & Jonghyun)
308 HunSica (Sehun & Jessica)
309 KaiSica (Kai & Jessica)
310 YunSica (Yunho & Jessica)
311 HyukSica (Eunhyuk & Jessica)
312 UpSica (Jongup & Jessica)
313 IlSica - HoonSica (Ilhoon & Jessica)
314 HongSica (Hongbin & Jessica)
315 Soulmate (Jaejoong & Yoochun)
316 XiahKang (Junsu & Changmin)
317 2Jun (Dujun & Junhyung)
318 Acorn Jelly Couple (KangIn & Lee YoonJi)
319 YongShin (Yong Hwa & Shin Hye)

Very3 sweet best friend that can replace boyfriend.. Their face looks same.. I really3 love them!

MY FRIEND! Actions speak louder than words you know

Really love them, very match! Wonderful couple! Dooley couple, fighthing!

I really like this couple. I think they have the same face. Hehe
I hope they will become a couple in real life..

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320 SeungSica (HyunSeung & Jessica)

Jessica like a princess and HyunSeung like a prince. Jessica has an angelic voice. HyunSeung dances very nice and he sings very well. They are a cute couple. They both have a lot in common. For example, they involved in musical and very successful. Vote them please!

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