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321 Taecwu (Emma Wu & Taecyeon)

The best couple. You can't find a couple much more nature than them. Wish they become a real couple.

They are incredibly perfect couple. They display what love is and make us believe the existence of true love. They are quite different, but it's their personality differences that make them fit and perfect.

The best chemistry I ve ever seen between couples of wgm. Look like they are fated to know each other through this show. I wonder whether they are really an item off-screen? Who knows?...

I'd love to see they doing it for real... They really match each other. emma really cute and suit taecyeon well. she's really cheerfull and he can't find no others like her. please make it real...

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322 Changhwa (Changmin & Sunhwa)
323 Siwonezmo (Siwon & Agnes Monica)

Perfect Couple
Agnes is very beautiful and cute
Siwon is very handsome and cute

Siwon and agnes is perfect for each other. They both also have a similar face and smile

They have meet together, perfect couple, both are so cute, have an amazing smile

They have similar face, perfect couple isn't it

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324 KookRi (Jong Kook & Hyori)
325 JinChan (Jinyoung & Gongchan)
326 MoonSica (Moon Junyoung & Jessica)
327 KwangHyo (Kwanghee & Hyoyeon)
328 BaekStal (Baekhyun & Krystal)

I ♡ baekstal.. I dunno why.. Keke I really love if I read baekstal fanfiction.. Ship them forever!

They really look cute together! Eventhough they only have a few interactions, I still ship them. A beautiful and simple young woman deserves a handsome young man. BaekStal for the win!

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329 YunBoA (Yunho & BoA)
330 Myungyeon (Myung Soo & Ji Yeon)

Is the couple perfect.

The best visuals go together! That's simply why I voted for them. They never had any real-life interaction, did they? Well no problem, eventually they will belong to each other

Myungyeon all the way

Forever Couple...the best couple Myungyeon...Fighting...We are flying for our Dreams...

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331 Destiny Couple (Jihyun & Hyungshik)

They met during The Romantic and Idol 1. They have a lot of similarities and seem to be connected to each other!

332 Hyokwang (Hyosung & Kikwang)
333 SooRi (Sooyoung & Yuri)
334 DaeZy (Daehyun & Suzy)
335 Jongzy (Jonghyun & Suzy)
336 JiaZy (MongJia & Suzy)
337 JinZy (Jinyoung & Suzy)
338 BaeBae / 2Bae (TaeYang / DongYoungBae & Bae Suzy)
339 GukZy (YongGuk & Suzy)
340 LuZy / HanZy (LuHan & Suzy)
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