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21 Aegyo Couple (Sunny & Sungmin)

Please vote for aegyo couple. I love aegyo couple

I love aegyo couple ♥

I love sunsun couple. Please vote them. :(
The aegyo couple.

Please vote for Sunsun.. I very love this couple! So a amazing K-pop couple. Sunsun Jjang!

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22 SiFany (Siwon & Tiffany)

They're a fantastic couple, so sweet, they're perfect together. Two shy people who love to joke with each other without problems :)

I'm hardcore prophets. I see the connection between them. The moment when tiffany feel lonely when siwon wasn't near. GOD NUMBER ONE COUPLE IS THE BEST!

Love them please watch their moment together and vote them

I love them

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23 Milky Couple (Wooyoung & IU)

Cute couple! They're both have cute faces!
They're perfect couple in the drama, and I'm sure they can be a great couple in reality

They're so cute together. Jang Wooyoung the best in dancing while Iu is the best in singing. Wow, perfect match for a couple. I hope they will appear 'Someday' in WGM :) so they can develop more feeling towards each other. If that happens, I will be the happiest person living in the world. I know it's sound exagerated but It's true.

I wish wooyoung and iu are in we got married!
It will be very cute sweet and romantic for both of them

I like this couple, they are so cute

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24 Jokwon & Gain

They're just so real, adam hwaiting!

Ranked 34? How is this possible? They're the most popular We Got Married couple around!

I don't think my couple in here, level 35 @@ they re real. Are you kidding me?

I totally agree with others...Adam Couple is DAEBAK and they should in top ten! 💜💜💜

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25 TaeNy (Taeyeon & Tiffany)

TaeNy is more than REAL! No more reason to say because their love for each other is enough!

Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL Taeny is REAL

TaeNy is real! Taeyeon is belong to tiffany... Their friendship is strong and taeyeon is unhappy to see tiffany's kissing scene it's mean she is jealous

I love you ship taeny

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26 Changmin & Seohyun

Because they are cute together. And also both of them is my bias. I hope they can be together in real

I think they are suitable with each other :D

Always my number 1 couple


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27 Kyuyoung Couple (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung)

Kyuyoung is REAL!
kyuyoung jjang!
Evil prince and Evil princess!

I love them & All their moment is so natural.. :) KYUYOUNG Jjang!
Knight will always support you.. :)

will always love them no matter what happened


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28 EunHae (Eunhyuk & Donghae)

100% true! All know about this :D

I have nothing to say about this except this is REAL. No fanservice.

They're more REAL than #2 -____-

My favorite ship of all time 😍😍💙💙💙 my babies EunHae, I don't ship them as a couple but as true brothers 👬💙💙 they love each other and care for each other so much! they are the definition of the true brotherhood%

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29 Taeun (Taemin & Naeun)

Love this Couple! Feel they really do have fellings for each other. See a future for them hopefully after the show too.

Taemin and Naeun! Haters gonna hate but then I love them:)
I could really feel the love by taemin

Taemin and Naeun fighting, I will love your forever, we can feel the happiness when your stay together, believe yourselves, your will be better!

Ow so cute love couple ever I've seen
I want to be part a love just like this couple

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30 Lunew (Onew & Luna)

Sweetest couple in the world! Lunew is perfect. Their duets during SM Town are the cutest, and you can see by the way Onew looks in Luna's eyes that he cares for her, and it's more than friendship. It's something special, something more.
I will be a Lunew shipper forever and always <3 Please support this lovely f (SHINee) pairing!

They are so cute together
They look at each other like if they love each other
Onew takes care of her so much

Their chemistry just awesome

Its been awhile to see this couple moment... I love them very much...

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31 Hyuksoo Couple (Eunhyuk & Sooyoung)

They look always having fun when they're together, they could be variety couple

They are just asfjasfdsfñksdlfsjgdf. They are perfect together, seriously, I love them

32 MinSeo (Minho & Seohyun)

Once Minho chose seohyun as his ideal type. They look like sweet and playful high school lovers

33 Alien Couple (TOP/BOM)

They are really perfect. Alien Couple is the best! Park Bom has a cute personality & TOP has that too. They like to tease each other. Ahh how cute. It would be awesome if they are together.


I would love to see how gorgeous their babies are

Adorable couple! Both cute and sexy! Kyaaa~~! These two aliens! Forever ship these two!

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34 Yoona & Jang Keun Suk

They are the most attractive couple... And very good chemistry together!

Prince Jang Geun Suk and Princess Yoona are the best couple!
They look like real couple!
I Love them!

YOONSUK couple fighting... They are belong together and they will make a very beautifull couple... Love is on the air..

Kyu even called yoona "weirdo yoong" twice in his thanks to album. Kyu even picked Yoona as the prettiest girl group member and both of kyu and his mom wanna yoona be kyu's wife.. Wkwk

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35 Keyber (Key & Amber)

Amber Said that she and key are intressted in fashion art and that they has the similar dance style so they practice together wish means they spend more time together. All we know that amber loves basketball so let's just take the two moment when key in "Replay" song was playing basketball and in "kiss note" too.
And if we take his ideal type as example the most important thing was that he don't wanna a girly girl and in k-pop I'm pretty sure that amber is the only girl that is not girly and don't like to act cute. There is a pic of key and amber in show champion key was looking at amber in so sweet way with a small smile on his face I show it to my friend who don't single think about k-pop and asked what she think about it she answered " I think he loves her " I showed it to many friends after that and all they said the same even my MOM. So don't you guys think it's good reason to that keyber is real seriously they even wear same cloth! We all know that

Sometimes it might seem like they are ignoring each other but we can see their moments together. Key and Amber are always happy together. 2012 gayo daejun, Amber ran to Key at the ending. The way Key holds Amber hands is totally different as compared to him holding Onew on his right. The tight and loose grips differentiate it! This year 2013, Gayo Daejun featured f (SHINee) and once again our KeyBer is back, singing rocketeer and my first kiss together when MinSul is not around. Through various SMTowns, we can also see their moments. Airport to stage, on and off stage, they are still as close. In fact they have lots of things in common. From being september babies to having the same blood group, being the rapper/vocal in their respective groups and of course having same clothing style ever since debut. No Keyber fan would forget about the BabyBoo LizardMouse and CConfetti!

They both are interesting in fashion and art
Amber said that key take care of her
They has the same dance style and all people know that they share same cloth
Even if there is krisber and henber but key is way better
They that charisma cute and funny when they together
And for you who don't know amber is key's female version

It's funny that key said he likes amber w/o thinking about the big possibly of having a scandal with her. And it's funny how shy amber got, trying to make the atmosphere less awkward.

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36 TaeLli (Taemin & Sulli)

Not many people ship this pretty couple even with all their moments, but then again a quality ship only deserves quality shippers

I love this pair because they are my bias and look cute together :3

For me, being all observant and all, I think this is the best ship ever. Have you ever noticed them interact so much? No, right? That's because everything related to them seems so mysterious, and SM keeps on trying their very best to separate the two, suspicious right? Search it all up, so that you'll know what I mean~ ok? Anyway, TAELLI FIGHTING! ^^


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37 Minstal (Minho & Krystal)

This is my favorite K-pop couple. I love them since I have been watched Dream Team. The two sporty people came together were perfect. Hope they have more couple's activities and events.

My favorite couple. Why? Because just watching their moment always make me smile

Minho to krystal took care of in the show.

I like this couple

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38 Onsica (Onew & Jessica)

One year later
They're so fantastic!

When they sang their duet together they had chemistry and they look so cute together.! ^^ It may not be that they are going out but when they sing together there is something...

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39 YeYoon (Yesung & Yoona)

They look cute together..

40 Luseo (Luhan & Seohyun)

The perfect couple is Luyoon!


Luhan like seo,and seo like sweet potato

Ace baby! My favorite k pop couple. There are so many shipper of luseo. Smtown in tw he wanted to stand next to seohyun, but when he saw minho touching her hair he went back to his member
I think on 2012 this couple became so famous.
They are such a beutiful couple

Vote for this

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