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421 Woorong (Woohyun & Chorong)

Chorong is my bias

422 UKwang (Kikwang & IU)

They look cute together and perfectly match. They were the MC's of Inkigayo and also sung the Hawaiian song together. They also were the stars for Korean dubbed in Sammy's Adventure 2 :))

423 2Young (Wooyoung & Park Seyoung)
424 Xuikyung (Xiumin & Yookyung)
425 WooFany (Wooyoung & Tiffany)
426 Jisica (GD & Jessica)
427 LeeSun (Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun)
428 MyungSoo (Dasom & L)

I really love them together, even if Dasom is just a visual, but ever since I saw them in K. Wills 'Love Blossom'

429 IU and Suho

No words to even say.

430 IU and Jonghyun

I ove IU with anyone, except Myungsoo, he's for Dasom.

Have you SEEN the

431 IU and Minho

I think Minho is interested...

432 IU and EXO

They are fans of each other!

433 Key and Eunji

Even if KEY is my bias, I support him...

Key is my bias

434 Dasom and Wooshik

I forgot what drama they were in, but it was cute.

435 Bro Love (Baekhyun & Chanyeol) V 1 Comment
436 Dasom and JunggiGo

I saw Some. Even if Dasom isn't singing, it's still cute...

437 Hyoyeon & Kris (HyoKris)

If you see them. Damn! They look good together! Blonde couples.

438 NaLiz Couple (Nana & Lizzy)
439 2eun Couple (Jung Eunji & Naeun) V 1 Comment
440 Jung Eunji & Minah
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