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461 HyukStal (Min Hyuk & Krystal)
462 Leeteuk & Hyuna
463 BaekJi (Baekhyun & Eunji)
464 ChaeRa (Chaerin & Sandara)

Laugh out loud Chaera the married couple for the win!

465 YoonYul (Yoona and Yuri)
466 YoonTae (Yoona and Taeyeon)
467 Kaisom (Kai & Dasom)

I don't really know why I ship them but I feel like Kai has a crush on her. Look at those videos of Exo during Sistar. Whenever Dasom's part comes on, he looks really focused and once he nodded his head along to her than another time he looked at the big screen only when her part came on. I don't know but if they were to get together I'd totally ship it.

468 HyoLay (Hyoyeon /Lay)
469 Dongsaeng Ji Hyo & Kwangsoo V 1 Comment
470 Yunjae (Yunho & Jaejoong)

How the heck aren't they on this list? One of the most obvious of all!

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471 Jessica & Krystal
472 D.O. & Kai
473 Khunfany (Nichkhun & Tiffany)

Both have dated in a while now see how they smile at each other and how khun act like a gentleman infront of fany they look sweet and adorable oh yeah and how they are proud of each other

474 WonSica (Siwon & Jessica)

Definetily they have really close friendship I never saw Siwon acting around other girls like that they way he treated Jessica but they never said they're close on T.V. show like Heechul Jessica or... So I think they have something
Way to go WonSica Perfect couple

475 JackJi (Jackson & YoungJi)

Do you not see hitmaker and roommate? They are absolutely real. TAKE OUT 15& JIMIN FROM JACKSON"S SHIPPINGS~~

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476 YooG (G Dragon & Yoo Inna) V 1 Comment
477 Jaeun (Sr15b Jaehyun & CLC Yeeun)
478 JackJi (Jackson and Youngji) (Got7 and KARA)

Jackson always acts nicely to Youngji and they're really close

479 SoHeechul (Sohee & Heechul)
480 GRi/NyongTory (G-Dragon & Seungri) V 1 Comment
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