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481 WonSica (Siwon & Jessica)

Definetily they have really close friendship I never saw Siwon acting around other girls like that they way he treated Jessica but they never said they're close on T.V. show like Heechul Jessica or... So I think they have something
Way to go WonSica Perfect couple

482 JackJi (Jackson & YoungJi)

Do you not see hitmaker and roommate? They are absolutely real. TAKE OUT 15& JIMIN FROM JACKSON"S SHIPPINGS~~

V 2 Comments
483 YooG (G Dragon & Yoo Inna) V 1 Comment
484 Jaeun (Sr15b Jaehyun & CLC Yeeun)
485 JackJi (Jackson and Youngji) (Got7 and KARA)

Jackson always acts nicely to Youngji and they're really close

486 SoHeechul (Sohee & Heechul)
487 GRi/NyongTory (G-Dragon & Seungri) V 1 Comment
488 Baekji

I always thought that Eunji was like the female version of Baekhyun and Baekhyun the male version of Eunji and that is not only because of their beautiful voice they are jsut very alike in my opinion.

489 G Dragon and Park Bom
490 JoyRene
491 Seohae (Seohyun & Donghae)
492 SeoExo (Seohyun & Exo)
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