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61 Kooksoo (Jongkook & Kwangsoo)

They're such a perfect couple. They take care of each other in Running Man. They often hang out with each other off screen. They even sleep at each other's house. What can you expect?

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62 YoonHyun (YoonA & SeoHyun)

She is a good friend good team

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63 Seohyun & Jinwoon

Seohyun should go out with jinwoon. I mean jinwoon literally knows every single detail and things that she likes so he can make her happy by knowing those things.

64 SeoHan (Seohyun & Luhan)

Their moments together looks like real..
luhan's stare make me believe that he eying seohyun

*I lost my mind, the moment I saw you
Except you, everything get in slow motion
Tell me, if this is love*
That's exactly how to describe the way Luhan staring at Seohyun. As if he forgot his surroundings... The moment he saw her, he forgot everyone else, even Sehun, Lay and Jonghyun laugh out loud
Ace Baby! So sweet...

Fallen Angel and Ace Baby here! I love the 'Innocent Baby' insides them!
Ace Baby for the win!

I really love this couple

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65 Baekyeon (Baekhyun & Ji Yeon)

They look cute together eyeliner-couple haha^^ BaekHyun forever! Sorry sehun I know you like Jiyeon.

They is a perfect fit together, raise colour.

They look good together

They both are cute

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66 KhunA (Nichkhun & Yoona)

I think Nichkhun and Yoona are really compatible. Nichkhun is just the type of sweet, caring and romantic guy Yoona likes, and Nichkhun has stated that his ideal type was Yoona before. They're both so good-looking. The Prince and the Princess, haha. Both of them are incredibly hardworking, and they complement each other: Nichkhun on Yoona's lack of language skill, Yoona on Nichkhun's dancing (not that it isn't good already). Khuna jjang!

Very cute couple. Yoona is nichkhun's ideal type. I love them

I love them! They're adorable together. The Royal Couple.

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67 SunSun Couple (Sunny & Sungmin)

Super Junior Sungmin and SNSD Sunny

68 JongYoon (Jong Suk and Yoona)
69 Jongyoon (Lee Jonghyun & YoonA)

I just think they will cute together *. * (beside kyuNa &v)

They will produce handsome and beautiful baby

I love this couple so much. They are seems really suitable for each others.

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70 Baekyeol (Baekhyun & Chanyeol)

They're so cute together! The best couple ever! Even though they're not together nowadays... They still make perfect for each other! I love them being together!

ChanBaek, BaekYeol... They were born to belong to them

The best couple ever

Baekyeol is real

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71 HenBer (Henry & Amber)

Look at them! They're absolutely real couple ever ever after. Henry often posts Amber's picture on his own twitter, they have many many cute moments on and off stage. They're really close to one another

I'm addicted to researching about this couple! It's a real couple, can't you tell! They are so cute! Their suets are amazing! I just love HenBer so much :D

They're so close, so many moment of them. I love the way henry treated amber like a normal girl. Oh, I can't explain anymore. They're one of my favorite couple, of course after KeyBer kekeke :D


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72 Yoonyul (Yoona & Yuri)

I love YoonYul :) even if they aren't a actual love-relationship couple in my eyes, they have the type of best friend love. They're almost like sisters, and they would probably do anything for the other. I like that about YoonYul, because so many couples are touchy feely and shipped because of their fake intimacy, but YoonYul has a pure and innocent relationship. They are very loving to each other, and the care they have for each other is very sweet. There compatibility is very high in my eyes, and I hope fans can support this one true pairing.

No no no I like yoona and taeyeon and Jessica they are cute but they have a plastic surgery in whole face... Eww! I'm telling the truth but.. I love them...

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73 Yoona & Lee MinHo

Perfect couple in the WORLD...
Handsome & beautiful...
I love them so much...

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74 JeTi (Tiffany & Jessica)

My jeti! Number 1! Kya!
Love you so much!
Jeti is real!

American couple. They are destiny

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75 Taestal (Taemin & Krystal)

They are PERFECT! Don't tell you haven't watched Taestal fancams and AWWed at their moments! Taemin even kissed her temple, it was so cute.

76 MyungStal (Myungsoo/L & Krystal)

They're perfect fit. Ice prince and Ice princess. Also known as Ice couple.

They're cute, and not to mention, they have some of couple stuffs too. Do you ever see Myungsoo and female idol have a couple stuff except with Krystal? Never.

Their own moments is just cute and everything on them is related like amber is close with myungsoo and krystal is close with lizzy -we know that lizzy and myung is close, and so does KryBer-. Well, all their facts is true and looks they're perfect together. I ship Myungstal hardcore :D

Maybe it can be very good. Krystal is beautiful, L too and they are a perfect match!

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77 Joyhun (Sehun & Joy) V 1 Comment
78 Chanyeon (Chanyeol & Ji Yeon)

Baby face with big eyes;They have been good friends for a long time

They are also my favourite.They all have big eyes.I love them very much.I hope they can take part in the WE ARE MARRIED together!

I vote for them not only becz their friendships.I want to see more relationships between them.They are a lovely couple.I love them! Please say hello to each other! At least once!

Jiyeon chanyeon! They are so cute!

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79 Hunyeon (Sehun & Ji Yeon)

They are both very perfect.

I love them. Fighting! Forever!

Ji yeon is a beautiful girl,sehun is a handsome boy,they are very suitble for each other.

They'll be Perfect Great couple with cold city faces LoL ><

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80 Changyoon (Changmin & Yoona)

There is something about these two knowing each other for such a long time and keeping their friendship privately that I really like. Being the two of the most private people in SM and part of the idol generation too, I think that's quite a feat!

When you see this couple, you would probably think that this is one of the most unlikely pairings, right? In ways, they are nothing alike, but once you look a little more, you can see that these two are really something. They rarely mention their friendship but have given hints that it's there. They rarely have moments but every captured moment is sweet and treasured. Real or not, they make quite a pair.

I ship everyone with Yoona. But I ship her with Changmin most because I like him. And of course, Nikka/Aoza's stories!

I ship a lot of people with yoona and changmin is included. I think they look cute togther and wouldn't mind if they date in the future.

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