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101 JaeDara (Jaejoong & Sandara)

I'm a hardcore Theian so I will always support the Vampire/Porcelain couple. They are perfect for each other, handsome, pretty face, match with flawless skin and with 4D personality. Hope God will Grant my wish... I want Dara to be the future Mrs. Kim or Mrs. Han Jaejoong.

They are both goodlooking and Vampire couple.
Fans called them "Bella & Edward of Korea! " They can remake the TWILIGHT Korean Version. Have great Chemistry- PORCELAINE COUPLE!

Love them so much to the highest level Theian all the way. What can you ask for they are the perfect couple. They have an undeniable overloading chemistry even their are not much interaction in public eyes but who knows maybe in private, its not impossible because they have common friends. Especially they are the perfect Vampire couple with undeniable superb genes. Hope that they will end up together

I just love pairing them even though there is no evidence of interaction between them. They just seem perfect😍

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102 TaecSica (Taecyeon & Jessica)

They really suit together.. And when they both go out they never look like bestfriends..

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103 Kyumin (Kyuhuyn & Sungmin)

Just perfect roommate, maybe something more, I don't know about it

They are really real! Believe it.

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104 KaiLli (Kai & Sulli)

They went to the same school, so why aren't there any interactions? :( I hope to see them interact more... Or maybe SM is trying to keep them apart in public? You never know what's happening behind the scenes anyway ;) haha, still hoping this ship will sail better soon~

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105 Taoris (Tao and Kris)

I like kristao very mach. I support they and EXO forever! Fighting!

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106 HeeSica (Heechul & Jessica)

People say their relationship leans more on the sibling type, but I disagree. There's something about the way they care about each other, the way Heechul seems to be obedient to Jessica, the way Jessica opens up to Heechul (though Jessica warms up to anybody now, but long back then when she's still the "introvert" princess, she opened up to Heechul already), something about how similar they are, everything about this couple draws me to it.

I admit that Heesica may not be real as for now, but I think no one can fit Jessica's personality more than Heechul and vice versa.

Aristocrats will support the Pabo Princesses

Though Heechul's leave for the army has made this couple get lesser attention, I still found myself to be drawn to them. Even IF their relationship can not extend more than a brother-sister relationship, but there's no denying they care about each other a lot.

Heesica... There's just something QUIRKY about them. I agree with the comment before me, each of them is a difficult people who can seem to only be understood by the other.

I'll wait patiently for Hee's return from the army. By then, I'll be ready to watch the bizarre PDA of the twin princesses.

I just can't not love this couple. They're cute, they're fresh, they're unique, they're funny... I don't know why Heesica doesn't get the proper love it really deserves

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107 SeYoon (Sehun & YoonA)

I looked them I think SeYoo are the most perfect couple, very well couple SeYoon.

They're a beautiful couple of a prince and a princess.

Yeah!.. Sehun & Yoona are the best couple and the most attractive couplee SeYoon or HunNa♥ forever.

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108 Kyuri (Kyuhyun & Yuri)

KyuRi jjang! Maybe, KyuRi never making a moment, but I will support them forever!

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109 Kaisoo (Kai & Kyungsoo)

Woo, how come there is no comment for my bae Kaisoo. Come on fellow Kaisoo shippers where ya all at?!

110 KrisNa (Kris & Nana)

They're barbie and ken couple. Totally perfect

Wow I support them they are nice couple

Kris nana is the best! I hope they can join we got married! They're so hot and romantic! Rapper couple! Height couple! Blonde couple! Barbie and ken! KRISNA Jjang! KRISNA for the win!

My favorite couple *. * KRISNA

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111 Krystal & Minho

I think they are really cute together when doing the high jump thing on dream team.. Although that was a while ago but I still think they are cute heehee

112 ChanDara (Chanyeol and Dara) V 4 Comments
113 HaeHyuk (DongHae & EunHyuk)
114 Secret Couple (Haha & Ji Hyo)

They r so cute together

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115 BomBae (BOM & Taeyang)

I love how BOM reacts when something has to do with Taeyang. She's always "a fan", always checks on him and seems interested in whatever concerns him. Dunno if he feels the same way, but they'll make an awesome couple.

116 Krisyeol (Kris & Chanyeol)

I like their friendship, and they look cool together because they both are tall.

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117 BaekYeon (Baekhyun & Taeyeon)
118 JaySica (Jaebeom & Jessica)
119 Taecbin (Taecyeon & Yubin)
120 KhunFany (Nickhun & Tiffany)

I really love this couple and they are REAL..

Oh their chemistry is really something!

- they have a lot of couple thing.
- Nichkhun ever watched 'Fame' a theatrical drama played by tiffany.
- Tiffany have Nichkhun number since 2010
And many more

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