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101 ChanDara (Chanyeol and Dara) V 4 Comments
102 HaeHyuk (DongHae & EunHyuk)
103 Secret Couple (Haha & Ji Hyo)

They r so cute together

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104 BomBae (BOM & Taeyang)

I love how BOM reacts when something has to do with Taeyang. She's always "a fan", always checks on him and seems interested in whatever concerns him. Dunno if he feels the same way, but they'll make an awesome couple.

105 Krisyeol (Kris & Chanyeol)

I like their friendship, and they look cool together because they both are tall.

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106 BaekYeon (Baekhyun & Taeyeon)
107 JaySica (Jaebeom & Jessica)
108 Taecbin (Taecyeon & Yubin)
109 KhunFany (Nickhun & Tiffany)

I really love this couple and they are REAL..

Oh their chemistry is really something!

- they have a lot of couple thing.
- Nichkhun ever watched 'Fame' a theatrical drama played by tiffany.
- Tiffany have Nichkhun number since 2010
And many more

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110 YoonKris (Yoona & Kris)

To be honest they really looks good together

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111 KiSung (Kikwang & Hyosung) V 4 Comments
112 Kyutoria (Kyuhyun & Victoria)

Out of all the OTPs listed here, I believe that this couple is one of those who is at least 50% REAL. First of all, they have a relationship to start with. They have been friends since Vic came to Korea and it shows in fancams when both SJ & f (x) perform. OH GOD THEY'RE JUST SO REAL BELIEVE ME. JUST CHECK THE CHANNEL 'KYUTORIA' IN YOUTUBE TO SEE THEIR MOMENTS.

They are sincere in their relationship. Kyu was asked in a radio programme (2014) that which female artist he will share his secret to? He definitely mentioned Victoria! Victoria also replied his statement at the same programme later that

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113 G-Yoon (G-Dragon & Yoona)

I like this couple, too.. But Yoona Has to be choose the better one for her, there are many men want her, Lee Seung Gi, Kyuhyun, Nichkhun, Taecyeon and etc

I like them very much!

I like them very much! They are my faviourt idol!

114 Yoona & Seunggi
115 Seoyunho (Seohyun & Yunho)

There are a lot of rumors about them. They're meant for each other. They're perfect just the way they are

They're perfect together! I love them! Recently, they have many good moments! And what humor? Tell me! Please!

116 SooHae (Sooyoung & Donghae)

They are so cute. A frank and a shy one

117 Kyuri (Kyuhyun & Yuri)

KyuRi jjang! Maybe, KyuRi never making a moment, but I will support them forever!

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118 KrisYeon (Kris & Ji Yeon)

Kris and jiyeon are my bias! I shipping them as much as I shipping myungyeon!

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119 HyukFany (Eunhyuk & Tiffany)

Tiffany sings well and EunHyuk dances the best. So, they could complement each other. Also, their interations during FAME (musical) time was really cute

120 MyungSul (Myung Soo & Sulli)

I'm a hard core MyungLi shipper and even though they have barely any interaction I ship them so hard. Fighting

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