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161 DragonZy (G-Dragon & Suzy)

They are very cute and all-round.

They are vety cute and all-round.

They are perfect for each other <3
They have compatible names and according their birth dates and zodiac sign they are very suitable for each other and almost a the perfect match. I would says that this couple is a "match made in heaven".

162 Taecyul (Taecyeon & Yuri )

They are royal couple. Sexy king and queen in K-pop. They have perfect body, skin and nice voice also. So hot and cute.

They are the super hot couple. Sexy king and queen. They have beautiful body and good voice. TaecYul have more chemistry and they are sexy hot pair together.

They are so hot couple. Sexy King and Queen. They are perfect together.

Taecyul, they have sweet smile, nice body, good voice and perfect acting. Nice Couple.

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163 Seokai (Seohyun & Kai)

They're cute together. When I see the pics of them. I just felt their connection. I dunno why but I think they can be one of the best couple

The way he always stares at seohyun. He will keep bowing her until she greets him back. I think he rely likes her

I think kai probably has a big crush on seohyun. I don't know, but I can feel that he adores her much. I watched the photoshoot video too and I found a short moment at the end of the video, when kai was about to cover his face with hands, seohyun's secretly staring at him. Before that, she was also glancing at him (and she touched her hair! ), so did kai. Both of them. Laugh out loud

At first I'm really sensing that Kai has something for our Seob, well who could resist our innocent princess, right? I bet it's like Noona Neommu Yeppo for Kai's part whenever Seo is around. Yeah, I'm looking forward for TFS interaction! It will be, SeoKai shippers keep the faith!

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164 Destiny Couple (Lee Dong Wook & Song Ji Hyo)

They look very great together... They were met in running man episode 133.. Ji hyo also have a sixth sense.. She thought that she will have a same drama with dong wook and after 2 days she heard that new drama the main cast is LEE DONG WOOK AND SONG JI HYO... Both of them called themselve as DESTINY... In the fugitive of joseon we can see how romantic they are... I love this couple very muchh!

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165 ChunJoe (ChunJi & L. Joe)
166 SooWook (Sooyoung & Ryeowook)
167 JjongVic (Jonghyun & Victoria)
168 HongkiMina (Lee Hongki & Fuji MIna)

Mina and hongki are merried

169 GDSuzy (G-Dragon & Suzy)
170 UZy (IU & Suzy)

They're so cute love this couple

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171 XiuHan (Xiumin & Luhan)

The eldest from exo, if I have to describe this couple with one word it would of course be CUTE! To them individually and as a couple!

172 Gayoon and Doojoon

They are really cute together. I vote for them!

173 MinRa (Minho & Hara)
174 SulZy (Sulli & Suzy)

They are very cute and pretty. I love them

175 MyoungLiz (MyoungSoo & Lizzy)
176 Minber (Minho & Amber)

They're real people. He held her in his arms on the tour bus in NYC. They sat together at Key's musical but walked out separately. He touched her BUTT after a hug during the winning encore for Dream Girl on Show Champion. 'enough said.

177 TaemSica (Taemin & Jessica)
178 WooJung Couple (Lee JangWoo & Halm EunJung)

They are very great together!

179 TaecFany (Taecyeon & Tiffany)
180 YongYeon (Bang Yong Guk & Park Ji Yeon)
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