Best K-Pop Couples

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161 SulZy (Sulli & Suzy)

They are very cute and pretty. I love them

162 MyoungLiz (MyoungSoo & Lizzy)
163 Minber (Minho & Amber)

They're real people. He held her in his arms on the tour bus in NYC. They sat together at Key's musical but walked out separately. He touched her BUTT after a hug during the winning encore for Dream Girl on Show Champion. 'enough said.

164 TaemSica (Taemin & Jessica)
165 WooJung Couple (Lee JangWoo & Halm EunJung)

They are very great together!

166 TaecFany (Taecyeon & Tiffany)
167 YongYeon (Bang Yong Guk & Park Ji Yeon)
168 KaiZy (Kai / Jongin & Suzy)

They look great together.

Haven't ever seen anyone looking at each other so intensely.

169 YeonZy (JiYeon & Suzy)

I love this couple

170 Jongna (Hyunjong & Luna)
171 Yoona & Kai
172 YoonHyuk (Yoona & Eunhyuk)
173 YuMin (Yuri & Sungmin)
174 Yoonkey (Yoona & Key)
175 SuSica (Suho & Jessica)
176 ZhouToria (Zhoumi & Victoria)

ZhouToria, well I semi-ship them...

177 HyoYoung (HyoYeon and SooYoung) V 1 Comment
178 Soulfighter (Jaejoong & Changmin)
179 MyungSeo (Myungsoo & Seohyun)

I just love to read their fanfiction, how caring myungsoo is and seo being the angel-like girl taking care of myung. Really, the feels. AH.

180 Perfect Couple (Siwon & Yoona)

Imagine what their kids would look like?!

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