Seohyun & Kyuhyun


SeoKyu is real... *amin* if you look seokyu moment, you will found kyu looking seo with special looking... Like a boyfriend to her girlfriend & seo often smile to kyu, kyu also often give his special/nice smile to seo... And both of them also often looked at each other with a special look... And at the duet, when kyu stroked Seo's hair, his cheeks flushed! Omo... I can see why his cheeks flushed, cause I think he's nervous, because there is Seo was singing with him!

AND NO FOR KYU-others and SEO-others!

Slowly but sure, they are getting closer. It's not like the one who once looked so close and sweet on the camera but then gone without any progress. Seohyun and Kyuhyun might take it slowly with a simple but sweet moments on and off camera, but those are wonderful~
They are definitely SM's best official... Unofficial couple. Seokyu

SeoKyu is real! Even if they are awkward on stage, I feel in my heart that they are close off stage without a script. Those stealing glances of Kyu when he sees Seohyun with other guy makes me goosebumps because it shows how jealous he is. I don't care what other say to them that's their opinion and I can't change that. But for me I believe in them and I wish that more skinship comes to them! I'll keep praying for the both of you! SARANGHAE SEOKYU

They're SM best official... Unofficial couple!
Both maknaes of SUJU and SNSD, both smart and have good voices, also looked calm and shy in public... Really cute couple

I don't know why but I have an ability to see a match lovers or not and I think they will complement each other although Seohyun is younger than Kyuhyun but she's really mature and I think Kyuhyun sometimes act childish so they really complement each other. Love this couple!

I've seen their development for 4 years now, and I tell you, SeoKyu is taking it slowly... But surely.

Eternal Magnae Couple FOREVER! No one can replace them because They are REAL! SEO and KYU is REAL if you are disbelieve please look at their moment and look carefully their smile, eye contact and their gesture.

"We are the SM the best official... Unofficial couple. " Kyuhyun had it right the whole time! This couple is just too wonderful it has to be true. Both maknaes, both amazing singers. This couple is JJANG~!

The maknae couple, the 2 Hyuns, the Devil-loves-Angel tandem, the SM's best official... Unofficial couple, for me they are the best.

Glad that they are closer now and gosh, those stealing glances to each other. It just speaks everything.

Unlike the other OTPs of either Seohyun or Kyuhyun's side, they will always be my best OTP for each other. They way they interact to each other is moving in a slow pace. And do believe that these two maknaes gets a lot of teases from the other SujuGen members. I can see that. The way Kyuhyun smirks every time he hears Seohyun's name being mentioned. How Seohyun looks up to Kyuhyun as her great sunbae. There's so much more behind these two. And they do make a good pairing after all. In short, perfect!

It started with "S.E.O.U.L. " and now it's... Where's the end? There isn't one. They still interact with each other nowadays; they're the best official unofficial couple I've ever come across.

Seohyun once said that she was different from ordinary people, even Yoona said that Seo has her own little world. I dunno why but I feel like Kyuhyun is a gentleman who would appreciate her unique side. In my opinion, Seohyun is like a person with this pure and innocent personality who may seem fragile, but actually she knows exactly what she wants, and I think what she wants in a guy is someone who would make her feel appreciated and comfortable. I think those qualities may be found in Kyuhyun, whom I think is gentle, caring, and thoughtful. I mean, he likes singing ballads sung by female singers! Doesn't that mean he has soft personality? Laugh out loud. Even Seohyun's diary in Paris confirmed that. Sorry if I sound delusional. I pray that SeoKyu would end up together and have a happy little family forever ^^

The best maknae couple in the world! Seohyun is Angel maknae and Kyuhyun is Evil maknae. They are different although their personality almost look alike :3

Really like their duets and everything about them. The way they holding hand, the way they glance, the way they sing or act, everything look so cool. Maybe some people say that they are an awkward or contract couple. So what? I still love them so damn. Just stay success and health guys! Ah yes, stay together too

They are completely the opposite of each other but yet somehow fit each other perfectly. The way he always looks at her... It's just beautiful. He sure is always around her.
I love to see them together, I love the thought of them being together, I juts love them...
Seokyu Jjang!

SM Best Official Couple, Unofficial Couple, I really like their personality and I hope their relationship is real

I think they are the best couple they've got a match on each of them perform and they are very familiar SeoKyu always..

The best couple there is ever!
Both one of the best singers in their respective groups and they are both maknaes. They are totally made for each other, they're so alike yet just different enough to be able to get along.
SM's best OFFICIAL couple

Ah, I'm so sad when I know this couple on 7th place. I hope this couple is number 1! Because they are my favorite couple! SeoKyu is real! More cute better than yongseo! Come on SeoKyu hwaiting!

Wanna this couple is real!

Damn for Kyuyoung, Kyuna, Yongseo, Minseo, Seohan etc

So, please vote this couple, let Seohyun and Kyuhyun know how we support them!

Best Maknae Couple Ever
They are cute and perfect for each other:)
I really los SeoKyu Couple, Evil Maknae and Innocent Maknae& they are amazing together.

They like two kids trying to hide their loves to each other... That's so cute!

They have many sweet moment and in all event they always look so close... I believe that they is really couple

They are full partners tercanggung will question a question that can make me curious about what the relationship of these two. And that they must be original. Not the scenario

Kyuhyun's so behaved when Seohyun is around. Victoria, who is Kyuhyun's girl best friend is even close to Seohyun and hugs her every time.